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Kawasaki To Release EV Motorcycle That Has People Wondering If It’s A Joke

If I still lived at the beach this might be fine, but, I’d rather spend a whole lot less on a scooter/moped, because you can usually park them at the bike racks rather than an actual parking spot. But, this is a climate cult thing Kawasaki sparks debate after revealing specs of its first-ever electric […]

If All You See…

…is a sea rising fast because Other People won’t give up their fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Gateway Pundit, with a post on the Democrats trotting out a message that Trump will make the border disaster even worse.

Three Republican Squishes Working With Democrats For “Compromise” Immigration Bill

How many times have we seen Republicans work with Democrats to create an immigration bill that provides a pathway to amnesty citizenship with a promise to do something to secure the border in the future? Especially when Lindsay Graham is involved? Senate ‘Gang of Six’ Negotiates Republican Giveaway on Migration Roughly 30 Republican senators are […]

Climate Cultists Block Macy’s Parade In Solidarity With Terrorists

Do these type of stunts really help the cause? Or, do they turn even supporters off? And, of course, the climate cult has to inject themselves in other affairs #BREAKING: Protesters SHUT DOWN Macy's Parade route by GLUING THEMSELVES to the ground, demanding "Liberation for Palestine and Climate" blocking Sinclair Oil Corporation Dinosaur balloon.#Thanksgiving#MacysParade Video […]

On Eve Of Hostage Release, Hamas Calls For Supporters To Rise Up

Here’s your change, all you folks who hate Jews and Israel and love Hamas: head to the Middle East. All you rainbow colored hair folks, all you queers for Palestine, see how that goes Hamas calls for supporters in West Bank and beyond to rise up against Israel Hamas has called on its supporters in […]

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