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Chance For Graham-Cassidy (Non) Ocare Repeal Rising?

It looks like this may actually happen (The Hill)  The Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress are going all-in on a last-ditch effort to replace ObamaCare. Earlier this month, the GOP effort was all but dead as Republican leaders pivoted to tax reform. But the health-care legislation has picked up a significant amount of […]

The Washington Post Is Having A Problem Understanding What “Our Values” Are

Mr. Trump apparently said something pretty darned controversial while speaking in Poland Thursday. He talked about “our values” and “Western values”. This has led many on the left to have conniption fits, including the Editorial Board of the Washington Post Trump wants us to defend ‘our values.’ Which ones? “DO WE have the confidence in […]

NY Times Outraged That Trump Hasn’t Released Infrastructure Plan

Is it any wonder that President Trump continues to fight with the Credentialed Media when they continue to assault him in a way they would never do to a Democrat? All Republicans know that they are damned if they do damned if they don’t when it comes to the majority of media outlets which will […]

Lindsay Graham Goes Climahysteric, Desperately Wants To Be Democrat Nominee

Obviously, Senator Graham has long been a member of the Cult of Climastrology, and part of the Progressive wing of the GOP. That said, his campaign should go about as far as Jon Huntsman’s did in 2012 with this kind of moonbattery (Politico) Sen. Lindsey Graham is urging action on climate change and endorsing a […]

Jeb Bush Endorses UN Climate Change Treaty Process

A big supporter of Common Core? Check. A big supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens? Check. A big supporter of Doing Something about “climate change”? Check Via Climate Depot, which notes his comments: ‘The climate is changing and I am concerned about that.’ – ‘Be cognizant of the fact that we have this climate change […]

Good News: American Action Network Working Hard To Attack Conservatives

Is it any wonder that Conservatives do not trust the Establishment Republicans? They spend more time attacking Conservatives and defending squishy Republicans than fighting back against Democrats. Does anyone see this happening on the Left? Normally, Liberal groups may attack Democrats for not being Democrat/Liberal enough. Republican groups attack Conservatives for not being too squishy […]

Good News: Paul Ryan, GOP Leadership Set To Push Another Bad Immigration Plan

First off, there’s this (Washington Times) Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said Wednesday that there’s a “general consensus” in his party that something big needs to happen on overhauling the country’s immigration laws and that more specifics would be unveiled this week at House Republicans’ annual retreat. “I think politically speaking it’s a mixed […]

Chris Christie’s In-state Tuition For Illegals Passes Senate

This is legislation that Chris Christie, the guy who it seems the GOP Establishment wants for 2016, wants ( A bill to offer in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants who grew up in New Jersey is continuing its progress towards Gov. Chris Christie’s desk. The state Senate today voted 25 to 12 to approve the controversial […]

Rubio’s Political Future Tied To Success Of Amnesty Bill

In a long article, the Washington Times discusses how Marco Rubio’s future is tied to the success of the amnesty bill, having been the face of this malarkey Sen. Marco Rubio was the glue that held together the immigration deal in the Senate, helping set the stage for adding tens of thousands of Border Patrol […]

Gang Of 8 Throws GOP A Bone On NewShamnesty

This begs the question: if Conservatives have to be thrown a bone to attempt to get their support for the immigration reform bill, wouldn’t that mean that the bill is extremely Democrat friendly? This is starting to look more and more like Obamacare: have a couple of popular provisions, such as a 13 year waiting […]

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