Three Republican Squishes Working With Democrats For “Compromise” Immigration Bill

How many times have we seen Republicans work with Democrats to create an immigration bill that provides a pathway to amnesty citizenship with a promise to do something to secure the border in the future? Especially when Lindsay Graham is involved?

Senate ‘Gang of Six’ Negotiates Republican Giveaway on Migration

Roughly 30 Republican senators are backing the House’s H.R.2 migration stabilization bill — but a gang of six senators, including three Republicans, are drafting a giveaway “compromise” bill. (snip)

Roughly 30 Republican senators are backing the House’s H.R.2 migration stabilization bill — but a gang of six senators, including three Republicans, are drafting a giveaway “compromise” bill. (snip)

“Lankford is now working to turn a one-page summary of the party’s border plan into legislation,” Politico reported.

Behind closed doors, additional Republican senators are likely cooperating with the group of three.

The three Democrat-aligned senators in the group are Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO).

You can bet there will be several more squishy who will be thrilled to give amnesty, er, a pathway to citizenship while doing little to actually secure the border and remove the conditions that cause people to show up and demand asylum.

The previous times there have been attempts at “compromise” bills, like with the Gang of Eight, it made it even easier for illegals to come to the U.S., and essentially gave the tens of millions here in the U.S. amnesty. What they called a pathway to citizenship was simply pro-forma, unlike the pathway that occurs when foreigners apply to become citizens. And like with Obama’s DREAMers executive order, no one will truly be vetted and we’ll end up with a bunch of criminals.

Any legislation really should include a provision that if you are caught in the U.S. illegally, it doesn’t matter why, you should be deported immediately, and any assets seized to pay for that. And no “refugees” should be brought in from hostile nations or ones that support Islamic extremism. And any refugees currently in the U.S. who push Islamic extremism should be deported immediately. And those here on legal visas cannot bring more than their wife and kids. No parents, grandparents, relatives. And those visas should not be renewed again and again and again.

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8 Responses to “Three Republican Squishes Working With Democrats For “Compromise” Immigration Bill”

  1. H says:

    The Dems control the White white House and Senate. The GOP is under nominal control of the House. Doesn’t that indicate that the Dems should get most say in any Bill that has any chance of becoming law at this time? Since the mid terms the GOP House hasn’t been able to get any Bills made into law.

  2. Jl says:

    Johnny-really? “GOP under nonimal control of the House.” And the Dems are in nominal control of the Senate, 51-49

  3. Dan says:

    With a few exceptions the GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP…just like the DNC/left. NEITHER party is on the side of America or Americans. To solve the massive problems we face will require the extermination of almost ALL elected politicians and most of the Federal Bureaucracy. Something that few people are willing to contemplate. Which is why America is doomed.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      You seem upset that Americans are unwilling to contemplate the murder of elected officials and federal employees, and that this reluctance to murder thousands is why America is doomed.

      Whom would you like to see running things?

      • Brother John says:

        Given that the entire federal government and the broader ruling class exercise power not only against the express wishes of the American people writ large but against their interests, what’s your solution — given that voting isn’t working?

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Just because American voters don’t vote for those you want, doesn’t mean “voting isn’t working”.

          MAGAts hate the concept of democracy.

          If you’re implying that Republicans won the presidential popular vote only once (2004) since 1988, yet occupied the White House for 12 years, you are correct.

          I suspect you are referring to the fact that Trump lost the 2020 election 81,282,916 votes to 74,223,369. Republicans had grown accustomed to “winning” elections with fewer votes than their opponents, e.g., Trump lost the 2016 popular vote 65,853,514 votes to 62,984,828 votes. The American people preferred the unpopular Hillary Clinton to the even less popular Trump!!

          Our founding fathers didn’t trust our hoi polloi to vote for “proper ruling elites”.

          Our Republican brothers and sisters have long preferred to “stack the deck” in their favor.

          • Brother John says:

            A simple question and you are completely and utterly unable to make any intelligent response at all.

            Nobody — nobody — voted to have the border thrown wide open, just for example. Nobody wanted that humiliating bugout from Afghanistan. These things have been BAD for the country.

            And yet you prattle on about MAGAts, Trump, alleged vote totals and other idiotic nonsense. You dont’ give a bright blue fuck what’s good for the country because you’re too busy choking on your own bile. You are one dumb, one-note, useless, purple-faced ugly bastard. Your only purpose in life seems to be to shit on the floor in places like this.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          We agree that it’s likely our MAGAt brothers will resort to violence in an attempt to bypass democratic processes.

          A minority has few options to control the majority.

          Without exception, every dictator in history has used (and still uses) violence and terror to control the populace. Mao (worst ever?), Amin, Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Duterte, Kim(s), Pol Pot, Saddam, Assad etc …

          If a US authoritarian had the cooperation and control of the US military, i.e., mobilizing the military against the population it would conceivably be possible for a minority to rule.

          An aside… why do you think MAGAt Senator Tommy Tooberville (M-AL) is trying to gut the US military leadership? That leaves a lot of openings for the next President to promote!!

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