Israel Supposedly Hits Near Hospital, Media Fails As Usual

We all know that the majority of the Credentialed Media hates Israel to the point of backing Hamas

Heavy fighting around Gaza’s largest hospital forces many to flee

Strikes hit the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital Friday, badly wounding displaced civilians on its grounds and in some cases forcing them to move yet again and seek refuge amid the devastating war.

The scenes of bloodshed and desperation at Al-Shifa Hospital came as Israeli forces closed in on the center of Gaza City, near at least four hospitals, according to Palestinian health officials.

In one video appearing to show an outpatient clinic of Al-Shifa on Friday, a young girl covered in blood shrieks with her hands held up to the sky.

Another actor

“My father and brother,” she wails. Nearby, a boy lies on the ground, motionless with his eyes open as a pool of blood forms around his head.

Dr. Marwan Abu Saada, a surgeon and the head of International Cooperation at the Hamas-run Ministry of Health, told NBC News that the hospital had been bombed at least four times, and that he had heard shooting outside throughout the day.

Now, why would the Israelis attack a hospital area?

And from earlier

Everyone knows they use hospitals, schools, mosques, and other buildings to store weapons. As well as keep human shields. The media damned sure knows it. They also know that Hamas uses actors and stages people being hurt. Yet, they never say anything

A senior Israeli security official told NBC News that at least one strike at Al-Shifa Hospital was from a projectile launched by a militant group inside Gaza that had misfired. The official said that the Israel Defense Forces was conducting an “extensive review of its operational systems and intelligence” regarding the strike.

The official did not identify which group launched the projectile or specify whether Israel knew who was responsible. The official also did not say whether the IDF had launched any strikes of its own on Al-Shifa or other hospitals Friday.

But, NBC News and others are happy to blame Israel

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney gave the proper response to the terrorist sympathizers

(Deseret News) Sen. Mitt Romney was confronted by a pro-Palestinian activist on Wednesday, who pressed him to call for a cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas while walking through the halls of the Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill.

“Hamas went into a country and brutally murdered people, cut their throats,” Romney said, as seen in a video posted by Forbes, where he recounted details of the attack on Oct. 7.

The activist quickly cut him off, saying that Israel was carpet bombing the Gaza Strip.

“Are you going to talk or am I going to talk?” Romney interrupted.

“I’m gonna talk,” the woman said.

“OK, well, I’m not going to listen,” Romney responded while walking away, as the group of activists trailed him to the elevator.

Good on Mittens. And good on Fetterman

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6 Responses to “Israel Supposedly Hits Near Hospital, Media Fails As Usual”

  1. h says:

    Gaza is only 1/2 the size of Manhattan but with the same population
    Israel feels justified in using bombs rather than risk any casualties of its own, thus thousands of children in Gaza have been killed
    There is no excuse for killing children
    That applies to both Hamas and Israel

    • Brother John says:

      The Israelis commonly go out of their way to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas, meanwhile, puts hospitals on top of headquarters and munitions depots.

      There is no moral equivalence here. It’s exceptionally weak and dishonest to claim otherwise.

      • Kye says:

        There is no excuse for killing children

        Obviously you’ve never fought in a war. I want you to name one war were killing children did not occur.

        When idiots like you spew that kind of bullshit you sound like a total moron. Women children, the elderly, pets, farm animals, everything is fair game in war. What do you think we killed when we drop bombs on Japanese and German cities. You think they were only soldiers in those cities?

        Especially in house to house fighting women and children get killed that’s the nature of the beast. That’s why they say war as hell. What would you have the Israelis do surrender?

        Genocide Joe can teach you a thing or two about killing mass amounts of people. And even though he’s killing all these 10s of thousands of people he still can’t win a war.

        It’s funny how you’re only concerned when Muslim women and children are killed in Gaza. That’s when you suddenly get all concerned and all humanitarian. When the Jews were being cut apart you didn’t seem to give a rats ass.

        I bet you if they just shot down 1000 trump supporters at the capitol on January 6th you’ve been right there cheering them on. Your compassion is a one way street, But your hypocrisy is endless.

    • david7134 says:

      Correction, there is no excuse for killing human children. A population that gives rise to what Hamas did is not human. They are all contaminated and all Islams, carpet bomb.

  2. Jl says:

    Funny how they run out of everything in Gaza except rockets…
    Johnny-and no children would have been killed in Gaza if Hamas hadn’t first killed children in Israel.. I know this may be a tough concept to wrap your head around…

  3. Jl says:

    Johnny-how come Hamas can build hundreds of miles of tunnels but, as far as we know, not one civilian bomb shelter?

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