Who’s Up For Making The Internet More “Sustainable”?

What this really means is the climate cult looking to control the Internet and what people say on it, what they do, along with enforcing fines and fees for using too much

Climate change SEO survey: Making the web more sustainable

In November, I conducted a survey aimed at SEO professionals, delving into their perspectives on climate change.

This article unpacks the survey results, highlighting key findings and offering practical advice for SEO professionals looking to impact the environment positively.

But first, let’s explore why the link between SEO and climate change matters.

Let’s not. It’s just another attempt to link a thing with the climate cult

What the heck is a low carbon design website? They want to force people to use less streaming. And, the bots thing will be about blocking anyone who’s real who they claim is a bot. If you think that’s conspiracy, you haven’t been paying attention to the Fascist tendencies of the climate cult.

82% of respondents said they were willing to not work with a “fossil fuels producer.” They’re super excited to use a carbon footprint calculator for websites. Which can generate fines and fees as this is enforced for all. Then annoy clients by “educating” clients on their carbon footprint. They can nag by being “more vocal about web sustainability amongst peers and within communities.”

It’ll be fun when the young climahysterics realize that the climate cult they support is limiting their ability to watch everything online as well as uploading their own stupid (except for animal ones) videos.

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3 Responses to “Who’s Up For Making The Internet More “Sustainable”?”

  1. Dan says:

    Their goal is control. Complete, total, irrevocable control. It’s all the left truly cares about.

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  3. Matthew says:

    The usual and utterly predictable flood control with a dixie cup, bizzarro world, craziness.

    By all means, let’s overthink, overstate and overhype a supposed conservation effort that will have an overall effect of statistically zero, or worse, while we ignore similar but monumentally more significant conditions, literally right next to us, that render our project not only useless but comical.

    Anyone in the tech sector involved with search engine optimization can’t possible NOT know that a new, power sucking, data center or major bitcoin mining operation comes online every week, yet this dope and his ilk decide that their efforts are better spent wasting the valuable time of web designers everywhere on this sort of fairy dust.

    This doesn’t even rate the “drop in the bucket” status of the ridiculous efforts expended to ban plastic straws in the western world while Asia plowed 5 million tons of plastic waste (minimum) into the ocean every year.

    Boondoggles are models of efficiency compared to this shit. Read this article and suddenly the Pentagon starts making sense.

    We’re doomed.

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