Retailers Test Out New Way Of Reducing Crime In San Francisco

In Baltimore they rolled out having everything behind locked plexiglass, including the money takers. They got bullet proof plexiglass. Of course, that’s mostly at small stores. It’s tougher doing this at bigger stores, even the size of a typical drugstore. Though, they do try. Many of the products typically stolen are locked up. Heck, many stores use chains and padlocks on the frozen goods. There’s a new experiment in SF

San Francisco store tests new shopping method to deter ‘rampant shoplifting’

A longtime San Francisco business is trying something new to curb what it says has been “rampant shoplifting.”

Fredericksen’s Hardware and Paint in Cow Hollow is now offering a one-on-one shopping experience. The idea is to separate actual customers from those looking to steal from the store.

During certain hours, Fredericksen’s blocks off part of the store’s entrance and has people wait for an employee to help them instead of allowing people to just roam the store. The store’s longtime manager says it’s a move that was worth trying for the sake of the business, their employees, and their customers.

“It’s pretty bad,” manager Sam Black told Nexstar’s KRON. “I mean, the dollar amounts are pretty significant, and with the tools, and now we’re getting snatch-and-grabs when they take whole displays, so it’s getting kind of dangerous for the employees and the customers.”

Got that? It’s a hardware store. And customers have to wait for help like this is a high end jewelry or suit store, getting waited on. But, they also cannot come in to the store. They’re literally blocking customers from coming in to get what they want. Would you wait? Or, would it be worthwhile to take a trip out to Home Depot or Lowe’s? Of course, being SF, there’s no knowing how long those will last.

Black said over his 24 years of working at Fredericksen’s, the theft is the worst it has ever been. The staff has had to drill down pots and pans to keep shoplifters from swiping them.

They’ve also had to put in locking systems to keep people from pocketing tools and other household hardware. One customer told KRON off-camera that the situation is “just sad.”

Might be time to move. The business isn’t quite in the section of SF that has seen massive closures, but, it’s not that far away.

San Francisco supervisor Catherine Stefani issued the following statement about the situation:

“This situation is tragic and embarrassing for our city, and it’s all the more reason to get serious about solving our police staffing crisis. We need more police on our streets, and we need them now. That’s why I’ll hold a series of hearings in March to push our city agencies to fill the hundreds of vacancies at the Police Department as soon as possible––to stop the bleeding, reverse the damage, and finally protect our residents and small businesses.”

Who wants to join the force when they are demonized by the politicians, who listen to the pro-crime folks? Who wants to work as a cop when they are restricted from doing their job? When the perps are being let go, either with no charges or no bail? And those who do get prosecuted are often given a slap on the wrist? The bleeding and damage was caused by the city leaders.

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11 Responses to “Retailers Test Out New Way Of Reducing Crime In San Francisco”

  1. Dana says:

    Government leaders in Philly — all Democrats, of course — protested when bodegas in the poorer neighborhoods were installing more and more plexiglass shields to reduce theft. Now Frisco is going one step further.

    But the cities are very different. Philly is plurality non-Hispanic black, while blacks make up just 5% of the population in San Francisco. Bad behavior is metastasizing, and it’s not just blacks anymore.

  2. H says:

    The average household income in San Francisco is just under $140000
    They also have a life expectation ncy of 83 years, 10% longer than the avg American

    That being said, I am sure they are confirmed by your concern that customers at this one store might be delayed in their purchasing

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Hookah logic.

      That makes sense.
      Thanks, moron.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      With so many rich people in San Francisco how come 87,000 of them live on the streets? How come everyday 95,000 people line up for free food? If their life expectancy is so long and they have so much freaking money why don’t they help their fellow man? I’ll tell you why cause they’re Democrats and, Like all Democrats they don’t give a rats ass about anybody but themselves. They have the old I got mine yours is your problem attitude that’s why they’re not Christians by the way that’s probably the reason Elwood be down left the Baptist brotherhood. The very thought of putting somebody else ahead of himself was revolting to him.

      When you see people rioting in the streets you think they’re Republicans? You think they’re practicing Christians? When you see these people burning down stores or smashing the windows and stealing everything you think they’re Democrats for Republicans? You think they’re Christians or atheists and moslims and whatevers?

      Ask the Democrats ship millions and millions of more dark skies from other countries in the California you’re gonna see a dramatic change. If you fill the city up with Second World people the city’s gonna be a Second World city. As long as Democrats are in power in cities and there are in power to regulate immigration this country will be on the path of death. That’s all they do is destroy.

      They’re all hypocrites and they’re all liars. Look at Elwood P Dowd and H. Both of them support immigration and both of them support electric vehicles and neither of them have taken in immigrants to their homes and neither of them own electric vehicles. They are the worst of the worst. And yet they look down on their noses aat everybody else because they’re full of fake virtue. They inflict their communist BS on everybody else but exempt themselves.

      • Professor Hale says:

        Elwood P Dowd and H. Both of them support…

        LGB, As I have pointed out before, H and Jeff are both loyal magpies for the Democratic party. They support whatever they are told to support and will gleefully change their support whenever they are told to. They have no independent thought. That is why all you ever see from them is cut-paste from somewhere else. And they never express any disagreement with the party even on minor issues where one could expect plenty of disagreement.

    • david7134 says:

      Can you think at all. Do you not try to accumulate all facts before you spout off? I go to San Fransisco commonly. You can do little in the city unless you make a 6 figure income. So people who are less fortunate must find other places, like under overpasses. This is due to liberal policy.

  3. CarolAnn says:

    The average household income in San Francisco is just under $140000
    They also have a life expectation ncy of 83 years, 10% longer than the avg American

    what has either of those things to do with the problem mentioned? Is your brain completely rotted?

    That being said, I am sure they are confirmed by your concern that customers at this one store might be delayed in their purchasing

    your glib statements emphasize the problem with leftists in this country. You don’t understand the cultural and societal Rock You people have created. You people are better suited to live covered in bugs in Africa. Cause that’s your mental capabilities you really must have an IQ of about 80. What what a nasty, heartless, and moronic person you are.

    • Jl says:

      It’s Johnny-what would we expect out of him? Giving us completely irrelevant information pertaining to the story…

      • Jl says:

        Plus, the 140,000 income is irrelevant unless one adds in other factors. Median sale price of a home is 1,300,000$ and grocery costs 22% higher than US average. That 140 won’t go very far…..

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Such measures are typical of low trust societies. The economic cost of doing this is severe and those stores will likely close. One to one model of sales rarely is economically feasible above the bodega level of store. No way a Walmart or grocery story could operate that way with enough sales to stay open. We have been seeing this at alcohol venders in bad neighborhoods (where black people live) for decades now. In those places, even the staff is behind plexiglass for their protection. You get the goods AFTER you hand over the cash.

    What is new in this is how fast the Democratic party is transforming America to become ALL low trust.

  5. Jl says:

    “New ways of reducing crime in SF..”. Boy, that’s a tough one-but how about arresting shoplifters and electing a DA that will prosecute them and put them in jail? nah…

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