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Rep. Turner Wants Biden To Declassify Information On “Serious National Security Threat”

Is this something? House Intel Chair: Declassify ‘Serious National Security Threat’ Info The chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee issued an unusual cryptic statement on Wednesday saying the committee had made available to all members of Congress information about an unspecified “serious national security threat” that sources said was related to Russia. […]

If All You See…

…is an island that will soon sink into the sea from ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Dissecting Leftism, with a post on the COVID cure potentially being worse than the disease.

Having Solved All Their Problems, NYC Looks To Ban Detergent Pods

New York City is tackling the important issues NYC may ban detergent pods, some laundry sheets in latest ‘green’ crackdown — with fines up to $1,200 for selling them https://t.co/Q4ITWdI36H pic.twitter.com/yd9hEb07y1 — New York Post (@nypost) February 12, 2024 From the link New York City could soon ban Tide PODS and other laundry-detergent packs under […]

French Foreign Minister Says Private Sector Should Pay For Hotcoldwetdry

Where does he think all the government money comes from? Private sector should foot climate bill, French finance minister says Funding to combat climate change needs to come from the private sector as there is no more public financing available from France or other European Union countries, French Finance Minister Bruno le Maire said on […]

Biden’s FBI Worried MS-13 May Join Venezuelan’s To Commit Crime In SCNY

But, hey, isn’t this what Biden wanted when he left the border wide open? Isn’t this what the citizens who vote Democrat in Sanctuary City NY wanted? Report: FBI Fears MS-13 Gang May Join Violent Venezuelan Gang to Terrorize New Yorkers Thanks to Open Borders Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents fear there may be […]

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