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Hotcold Take: Let’s Build A Climate Wall Of Shame

I know how I would do it: I’d put all the climahypocrites on it. Biden, Obama, Kerry, the tens of thousands who fly to climate conferences each year, especially on their private jets. Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, Leonardo DeCaprio, Harrison Ford, most Democrats. For starters. I’d feature a visual representation of Biden heading out for […]

If All You See…

…is The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on a science magazine pushing cannibalism.

USA Today Goes Full Islamist, Suggest Biden Dumps Support Of Israel To Get Muslim S=Election Support

Why, exactly, do Progressives support Islamic extremist groups of Israel? It’s nothing new Wake up, Mr. President: Your support for Israel over Gaza may well cost you the election President Joe Biden’s decision to unilaterally veto yet another United Nations cease-fire resolution on Gaza, just a week before Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday, shows just how out of […]

Bummer: Green Military Equipment In Ukraine Is Getting Eaten By Rodents

Ukraine is having lots of issues. They’ve apparently lost 31,000 military members since the invasion over two years ago. Their manpower is down 25%, and they’re thinking of having more forcible drafts, as men look to escape the country. They aren’t having much success with all the equipment given to them by NATO nations. And, […]

Retailers Test Out New Way Of Reducing Crime In San Francisco

In Baltimore they rolled out having everything behind locked plexiglass, including the money takers. They got bullet proof plexiglass. Of course, that’s mostly at small stores. It’s tougher doing this at bigger stores, even the size of a typical drugstore. Though, they do try. Many of the products typically stolen are locked up. Heck, many […]

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