Bummer: Green Military Equipment In Ukraine Is Getting Eaten By Rodents

Ukraine is having lots of issues. They’ve apparently lost 31,000 military members since the invasion over two years ago. Their manpower is down 25%, and they’re thinking of having more forcible drafts, as men look to escape the country. They aren’t having much success with all the equipment given to them by NATO nations. And, speaking of that equipment

Rodents incapacitate millions in eco-friendly military equipment in Ukraine: the unforeseen problem

Mice and rats have become a bane on the frontline for both Ukrainian and Russian forces, with these rodents capable of nesting almost anywhere, even in the exhaust systems of armored vehicles.

Advanced mid-range anti-aircraft systems such as the SAMP/T battery or short-range variants like the IRIS-T in SLM and SLS versions have also found their way to Ukraine. The former are designed to combat high-altitude aircrafts at around 74.5 miles or ballistic missiles at a 18.6-mile distance. Meanwhile, the IRIS-T SLM systems are intended to tackle aircrafts or drones and manoeuvering missiles within a range of up to 24.8 miles (SLM) or roughly 6.2 miles (SLS).

Several European countries have supplied a wide range of weapon systems. However, the dilemma of ensuring electrical insulation durability has become a sticking point for newer equipment. This issue affects a multitude of nations where ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) guidelines are making their way into the arms industry.

The problem here is that they use corn fiber over synthetic material for the wire insulation, and the rodents are loving it, making the arms all sorts of useless. Perhaps we shouldn’t be focusing on silly ESG when developing weapons to defend the nation, eh?

Oh, and you can bet that Russia is watching this, and wondering what would happen to the European arms if they had to fight. I doubt Russia has any intentions of invading a NATO member. They have their hands full with Ukraine.

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7 Responses to “Bummer: Green Military Equipment In Ukraine Is Getting Eaten By Rodents”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Number of Ukrainian dead in this war is actually closer to half a million. Another million in hospitals and invalided out of services.

    The strategy of the Russians has not been to gain territory, but to grind up the Ukrainian military. They are achieving their goal of demilitarizing Ukraine by destroying it’s military.

    In all wars, the opposing parties have objectives in mind. Understanding those objectives is critical to achieving any sort of victory, other than by accident and brute force. The Russians have been very clear what their goals are. The Ukrainians and their allies in the West have been very duplicitous about their goals. The actions on the ground confirm this. You can tell Russia has no intention of invading Poland because at this rate, Putin will be dead of old age long before it happens. They are fighting a war in areas they hope to preserve and pushing back Ukrainian forces far enough that the Ukrainians cannot shell civilian cities with their artillery (like they have been since 2014).

    Further. Giving credit where it is due. The Biden administration (Blinken, Kerry, Obama, and even Clinton) has blundered into this war when a peace treaty was already on the table. The American government wanted this war and didn’t care about the million lives that would be lost. The support the USA is giving Ukraine clearly makes us a co-belligerent. We are not being attacked by Russia only because Putin does not wish it. Once again, America is dependent on the good intentions of foreign dictators to keep us out of global wars that our own government intentionally threw us into.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Putin has had no intention of invading or attacking any other nation other than the Ukraine since the beginning of this silly wasteful war. Award brought on by the neocons and leftists in America strictly because they can. The left is turned into a warring party when it was liberals and not leftists it was a much better party.

    Furthermore there would be no war had trump been elected and that’s for one reason Trump realized all Ukraine Putin wants is to keep NATO away from Ukraine. He has no desire to attack Poland he only has the desire to make Ukraine a no NATO zone. Therefore trump would have made it clear NATO had no designs on Ukraine. But this retard president either didn’t have enough sense to make a peace treaty stating that which is exactly what trump would have done or he was deliberately looking for a war. Personally I believe that Biden was looking for a war for two reasons. 1st he could use that as leverage if he started to lose an election. 2nd the casualties would be all white and he just loves to see white people die. That’s part of the reason he keeps importing non whites into America so they can kill off the white people. Other than completely insane white women the darkies make better Democrat voters.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      LG is a mind-reader and a wizard! And he believes everything Putin and Trump tell him.

      And he’s an idiot. The US is not at war although the MAGAt supporting Putin and Netanyahu are.

      Trump said that the Blacks had been mistreated and discriminated against and they were coming around to him because he’s a criminal just like they are. And he has a mugshot!!

      Do you believe Black Americans are discriminated against like DJ Kool T is?

  3. Dana says:

    Our socialist from St Louis wrote:

    The US is not at war although the MAGAt supporting Putin and Netanyahu are.

    We have been supplying a nation which is at war with Russia. Perhaps in a Western legalese mind, we’re not at war with Russia, but do you think that’s the way Vladimir Putin and the rest of the Russian government sees it?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      To the fascist from Fayette: We have no way of knowing what the duplicitous Putin thinks. He knows better than to be very direct with the US. Anyway, NATO is backing Ukraine, not just the US.

  4. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    We have no way of knowing what the duplicitous Putin thinks.

    says the commie who constantly tells everybody what they think. You’re always there to tell what Republicans think, what Trump supporters think, what Christians think, and everybody else you disagree with. How many times have you told us what Trump thinks? Without any indication to the truth?

    Oddly, you don’t usually tell us what biden’s thinking. I guess it’s too difficult for your tiny brain to translate madglftogin jutsign when that idiot slurs his words.

  5. Doom and Gloom says:

    Ukraine is a guinea pig for the MIC.

    I find it staggering that the LEFT is all about killing a million Ukrainians when they could have had a peace deal 2 years ago by simply committing to remaining a neutral country rather than allowing Boris Johnson and Joe Biden telling them that was unacceptable.

    It was as simple as that.

    Another reason why very few if any planes are flying in this war is they will simply be shot down.

    If the USA decided to carpet bomb Russian forces even though we have missiles that will shoot down incoming hypersonic anti-air missiles, they miss about 20 percent of the time. Within a few days, the USA’s air forces would cease to exist. The USA is learning quickly that Airforces are obsolete in a war like this and are even now rushing to upgrade and modify their artillery realizing that Russia, North Korea and China has them out gun 10-1 in artillery and command and control.

    The reason? Real-time overhead viewing of the entire battlefield by Russia. They can see a squad moving night and day at all times and have to simply decide whether to waste a bomb on them or not.

    Technology has rendered war obsolete!!

    Meanwhile, the USA is using Ukraine as a test subject to understand how a 21st-century war will be waged so that they have a clear understanding of how to take on China WHEN that time comes.

    Ukraine is not defeated…..they are broken. The Russians are making a huge effort to be extremely nice to Ukrainian POWs while the Ukrainian Nazis are murdering Russian POWS. There is no off ramp now for Ukraine and Nato.

    And anyone that thinks PUTIN wants to attack a nato country has lost their mind. Look what’s happened to them just attacking a weak Ukraine…..Attacking a Nato country and inciting the full might of the Nato alliance would be worldwide Armageddon or a massive Russian Defeat. Neither of which Putin would be willing to accept.

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