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Democrats Upset Biden Was Allowed To Speak “Late At Night”

This is delicious “One House Democrat … wondered why the president's staff allowed him to hold a press conference — then field reporters' shouted questions "that late at night after a full day," instead of this morning, when he'd be "fresh." https://t.co/h78LXc2QHI — Josh Kraushaar (@JoshKraushaar) February 9, 2024 From the link For years now, President […]

If All You See…

…is horrible extreme amounts of heatsnow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on the 1st Amendment being dead like the rest.

NY Democrats Get Tough On Immigration Or Something

I’m quite confident that they will offer some excellent ideas on securing the border and discouraging people from coming illegally, right? New York Democrats finally get aggressive in border fight Democrats in New York are finally going on the attack over border security and crime — just in time to test the strategy in the […]

Your Behavior Must Be Changed To Stop Hotcoldwetdry

It’s strange: one would think that Warmists would voluntarily change their behavior, not have Certain People within the Cult of Climsastrology find ways to force that change. If they really believe Addressing climate change with behavioral science: A global intervention tournament in 63 countries Abstract Effectively reducing climate change requires marked, global behavior change. However, […]

LOL: Special Council Report Refers To Biden As Elderly With Poor Memory

This has sent Democrat supporters into apoplexy ‘A nightmare’: Special counsel’s assessment of Biden’s mental fitness triggers Democratic panic President Joe Biden sidestepped any criminal charges as the investigation into his handling of classified documents concluded, but the political blowback from the special counsel’s report Thursday could prove even more devastating, reinforcing impressions that he […]

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