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UN Warns World On Edge Of Climate Abyss Or Something

Is there some big climate conference coming up? Usually the UN doesn’t make these dire prognostications of ruination unless there is a conference coming up. Or, it could be due to many polls showing that people are caring less about Doing Something because inflation is rocking the 1st world and the cost of food and […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution bad weather rain causing flooding, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on St. Greta going anti-Jew. This is also a silly one. Put on a barely there dress, no bra, to go stand in the rain for some social media […]

Brandon’s DOJ Sues Iowa Over Illegal Alien Law

Remember the old debate around Arizona’s SB1070, the “show me your papers” law? In that, illegal alien supporters stated that state government’s could not be tougher than federal law. So, what’s the complaint with Iowa’s law, which essentially does what the federal government law does? Iowa law lets police arrest migrants. The federal government and […]

Hollywood Is Forgetting To Put ‘Climate Change’ In Movies Or Something

Hollywood is already having enough problems in putting out good movies that people want to see. People are leery about paying all the money to go see movies that can have all sorts of Woke garbage in them. And that the ideas are pretty repetitive. So, hey, yeah, let’s add climate cult business into it […]

Israel Hating UN Votes To Revive Membership Bid For Palestinians

So, um, what actual nation would this be? UN assembly approves resolution granting Palestine new rights and reviving its UN membership bid The U.N. General Assembly voted by a wide margin on Friday to grant new “rights and privileges” to Palestine and called on the Security Council to reconsider Palestine’s request to become the 194th […]

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