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Doctors Suggest That Hotcoldwetdry Might Possibly Maybe Be Making Migraines Worse

This is cult science at its best Are migraines getting worse? Doctors suggests that climate change, which causes more erratic and severe weather conditions, may be a trigger for more intense migraines. Migraines are increasing in frequency and intensity among Americans: Could climate change be a reason? Although the number of Americans who have migraines […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, water intensive lawn, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on the 90 Miles mystery box.

Haverford Colleged Sued By Jewish Students Over Hostile Learning Evironment

When Jewish students sued Columbia people wondered if more would follow. Haverford is now in the crosshairs, and I hope Jewish students sue many more schools. Heck, even non-Jewish students should sue over the issues and threats at U.S. colleges Jewish students sue Haverford University for creating a hostile environment Students filed a lawsuit on […]

Bummer: Climate Cultists Admit Thinking It Will Matter In The 2024 Elections Is “Wishful Thinking”

A whole bunch of climate activist “journalists” gathered with some other Warmists, and it wasn’t pretty Election 2024: How Will Climate Change Matter Recently, I was invited to speak at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference on a panel entitled “Election 2024: How Will Climate Change Matter?” You can watch the full panel discussion here, but […]

Mexico Trying To Protect Biden By Interdicting Illegals On The Way To U.S. Border

Who thinks that if Biden wins in 2024 this agreement with Mexico will end and the U.S. will once again see an onslaught of illegals? Mexico is stopping nearly three times as many migrants now, helping keep U.S. border crossings down Mexico is stopping nearly three times as many migrants who have crossed its southern […]

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