CNN: Once You’re Vaccinated You Can Live Your Life

I’m just wondering if they meant to say this, as they’re also fear-mongering about a 4th wave

Get fully vaccinated before resuming normal activities, health experts plead with Americans

With fears growing that the US may be facing a fourth surge of Covid-19 cases, health experts are pleading with Americans to keep taking precautions until they are fully vaccinated.

“Please wait until you’re fully vaccinated before you’re traveling, before you’re engaging in high-risk activities,” said CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen. “No doubt when you become vaccinated, the activities that were once higher risk are now going to be lower risk and so just wait until then.”

Wen said she worries the US is on the “precipice” of a fourth surge as data is showing that infections are now skewed toward a younger generation.

Her sentiments were echoed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who told NBC Nightly News that while he is feeling some Covid-19 fatigue himself, it is important the US continue taking precautions while vaccinating Americans.

“We need to hold out just a bit longer and give vaccines a chance to really get the upper hand in this,” Fauci said. “I’ll guarantee as we get into the late spring and the early summer, you’re going to see a return to gradual degree of normality that everyone is hoping for, but we don’t want to do it prematurely.”

OK, I got my second shot yesterday, so, in about two weeks I can say to hell with all the precautions, according to CNN. I can go and live my life.

But, really, how much of the 4th wave stuff is pushed into the fear-mongering realm because these people want to keep people controlled and in fear? They keep pushing out the timeline, adding to the lockdown. Meanwhile, Texas and Florida seem to be doing well, along with all the other states who’ve lifted their mask mandates and opened their states up mostly or fully.

The protection offered by the Pfizer/BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine remains high for at least six months, the companies said Thursday.

And Wen, speaking on CNN on Friday, described that level of protection as “the floor, definitely not the ceiling.”

She added: “Most likely the protection that the vaccine will provide will be years even. But we just don’t know that.”

“I do think there’s a possibility that we may need to get a booster shot. Maybe booster shots that target new, emerging variants,” Wen said. “But I think that’s a small price to pay now that we have these safe and very effective vaccines that are out there.”

That’s interesting to know, since I got the Pfizer. Still going to live my life. What will the Elites do next in trying to control the population?

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7 Responses to “CNN: Once You’re Vaccinated You Can Live Your Life”

  1. acethepug says:

    What will they do next? Boosters. Shots from here forward, or be reduced to second-class (well, third-class, given Leftists) citizenry.

    Utterly amazing how science has been ignored and outright defied.

    If someone is vaccinated, they are no risk to others, nor are they AT risk FROM others.

    But the Left has gotten a good taste of totalitarian power, and they’re not likely to give it up.

    Things just get worse.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach dont you ever fact check before posting?
    After Dana posted his view that Texas was doing well I looked
    Covid infections are going UP
    Not down
    They went up 10% in the week ending March 30 over the previous week
    Florida undrrcountrd their deaths by 5000 or almost 20%
    And ate you pretending Florida Man/Gaetz is not newsworthy ?
    Hookers with company credit cards
    Ecstasy drug use
    Flashing pirny gf pics on the House floor
    Super Trump supporter

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: “… how much of the 4th wave stuff is pushed into the fear-mongering realm because these people want to keep people controlled and in fear?”

    And who are these people, Teach? Doctors, scientists, anti-trumpers, Soros, WHO, international commies, ChiComs? Who are these bogeys priming American patriots to be “controlled”?

    Paranoia strikes deep.

    The “4th wave stuff” is pushed by data. The majority of US states are seeing either a plateau or a slight increase in new cases – the nation is still seeing over 50,000 new cases per day. And don’t forget the concern over the efficacy of the current vaccines against the new variants (S Africa, Brazil, UK strains). Scientists are conservative and cautious by nature. Vaccinate and be careful – masking, social distance, avoid large gatherings.

    • Nolan Parker says:

      So terrifying is the Rona that the president has decreed that the border be sealed.
      Nobody gets in without testing and proof of vaccination. That is how we know how serious the threat is.

  4. Bob of Nabob says:

    The urgency of plotters and liars for me to accept this untested, rushed chemical into my body makes me very suspicious that it’s not what they claim it is. Could this be the way population reduction as laid out in Agenda 21 to be accomplished?
    At any rate, these are untrustworthy monsters running things’
    My body, my choice, isn’t that what the abortionists say?

  5. Dana says:

    And yesterday, fittingly enough April Fool’s Day, I got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine. I was given a choice between Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, but the J&J vaccine is produced at a plant with a history of violations. More, the bishops have warned that the J&J vaccine is morally compromised, due to the use of aborted fetal cell lines in development.

    Some people feel like poop the day after receiving the vaccine, but other than soreness at the injection site in my left deltoid, I’m having no problems.

    At this point, my primary concern is that the Biden Administration has floated the idea of a ‘vaccine passport,’ certification that people will need to do virtually anything, and that’s a bit of fascism that we must all resist. One of the nation’s best Governors, Ron deSantis of Florida, has already taken action to prohibit any such nonsense in the Sunshine State, but the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2021 session ended on March 31, and I am concerned that our idiotic Democratic Governor will go along with such nonsense.

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