Fascist Party To Unveil Bill To Pack The Supreme Court

How many times have you seen a Democrat yammer on about protecting our democracy? That voting matters? That every vote should count? Well, since they can’t get their own way on the Supreme Court, they’ve moved one step closer to implementing their Progressice (nice Fascism) agenda

Democrats to propose legislation expanding the Supreme Court

Several House Democrats are set to unveil legislation Thursday to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Supporters of the proposal plan to hold a news conference on the steps of the Supreme Court building. They include U.S. Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and U.S. Reps. Jerry Nadler and Mondaire Jones, both of New York, and Hank Johnson of Georgia.

Given Democrats’ control of the White House and Senate, the legislation could allow the party to supersede the court’s current conservative majority by “packing” the Court with liberal justices.

Some Republicans quickly derided the proposal.

“Does expanding the Supreme Court count as infrastructure too?” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, wrote on Twitter. (snip)

The legislation will propose expanding the court to 13 justices, from nine, The Intercept reported Wednesday.

The shame of this all is that it shouldn’t matter how many justices serve on the court, because they should be following the Constitution as their only principle, but, Democrat appointees rarely do that. They apply their politics (not that some Republican appointees don’t go off the reservation, usually toward the Democrats opinions). They take an oath to the Constitution. And, the Supreme Court is supposed to be independent from the Legislative and Executive Branches. This would truly make those 4 justices in the back pocket of Biden-Harris.

(Washington Times) The Supreme Court has had nine justices since 1869. Prior to that, it fluctuated in size from five to 10 justices. The Constitution does not set a number of justices for the high court.

Why? Because it works. It didn’t go well when FDR tried to pack the court.

Mike Davis, president of the conservative Article III Project, said lawmakers who are part of this effort should be “ashamed” of themselves.

“Democrats who would destroy the independence and legitimacy of the high court must be disavowed as political pariahs by every last one of their colleagues. Packing the Supreme Court would be a declaration of war that could not be undone. President Biden and Democrats in Congress should tread extremely carefully. Packing the Supreme Court is a red line they must not cross. If they actually love their country, they should stand down immediately,” Mr. Davis said.

Except, pretty much every elected Democrat will back this. You might get just enough in the Senate to kill the legislation, but, that’s it. And, if it does make it through, calling it a declaration of war might not be just hyperbole, as this would immediately change the rulings to protect the hardcore Democrat agenda.

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12 Responses to “Fascist Party To Unveil Bill To Pack The Supreme Court”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach you are again overreacting
    This is not going to happen
    Stop hyperventilating
    Get a grip on your emotions
    Stay strong!!

    • Jl says:

      Good advice, John-now you do the same thing with those evil CO2 molecules!

    • Dana says:

      It probably won’t happen, but if we don’t fight on this, it just might happen.

      • Kye says:

        What initiative has the left taken that ultimately did not happen? Packing the court will happen, it’s just a matter of time. Remember, this started under FDR and still hasn’t gone away. When they discussed “gay rights” did you think they were kidding? To this day they won’t address voter fraud even when we all watched it on TV.

        Oh yeah, the court will be packed. And DC will be a state unless we eliminate these fascist/communists from our midst.

        • Professor Hale says:

          We cannot eliminate the communists in our midst. This is the problem with free, open, Western societies. We have no defense against attack from within. Our citizens have the freedom to advocate for repulsive ideologies, even one that killed over a hundred million people last century. Communists knew this when they started their long march through our institutions. It took them longer than they expected, but it is happening. It is ironic that European communism failed and collapsed decades ago, but the things they put into motion in the USA are still flourishing. The reason is that in America, even anti-Americanism pays well.

          The only way to successfully fight an internal insurrection like this is with secret police, death squads and boxcars. No real American will permit that. We will get all of those things, but they will be run by the Left. Your side will be the new victim class.

          Modern communists should take heart that, if their own side doesn’t eventually purge them for some random reason, they too could live as slightly better than peasants while their top leaders become billionaires. (China now has more billionaires than the rest of the world combined).

          The good news is that Rome took over 500 years to fall. The Eastern Roman empire lasted another thousand years. It may be a long time before your part of the “empire” experiences any unrest or “barbarian invasions”. Enjoy the decline by lot letting the worst of it become a part of your life. Enjoy your family, friends, and community. Enjoy the weather and looking at pretty girls. Just don’t let them see you doing it, because you don’t want to be the creepy old guy.

  2. Kye says:

    We can eliminate the commies in our midst the same way they will eliminate us: Declare Communism and it’s permutations Terrorist organizations. We just don’t have the will. There is nothing in our laws or heritage that dictates we must tolerate or permit seditionists or traitors in our midst. We don’t allow Nazis to hold public office or run schools or any such thing. Why should we allow communists?

    They will kill us if we don’t kill them. Just ask BLM.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The Final Solution Commenter (FSC) is now so disgusted with democracy that he is advocating the extermination of his political opponents.

      He claims there is nothing in our laws or heritage dictating that reactionaries must permit the existence of his political opponents.

      • Kye says:

        It lies once again. Tell the truth pig. I said: “There is nothing in our laws or heritage that dictates we must tolerate or permit seditionists or traitors in our midst.” They will kill us if we don’t kill them. Or are you unaware of the murders going on all over the world where communists are allowed to exist? Name one communist country that does not murder it’s people. Just one.

        Liar!!! I did not claim “He claims there is nothing in our laws or heritage dictating that reactionaries must permit the existence of his political opponents.” I noted that we need not tolerate them. Just make them illegal the way thr Red commenter’s comrades are making us illegal. They took away our businesses, then our votes, then our right to protest, then our voice and soon our guns then our right to life but I’m the bad guy for pointing it out?

        Before you (as a proponent of baby murder) get too high and mighty answer this:

        Why do you hate White people?
        Why do you hate Christians?
        Why do you hate America?

        You act virtuous yet thrive on hate. Preach as you will you are an immoral communist. And a liar!

        The BLM-Antifa mob was out in force again last night after the previous night of rioting and looting.
        This time they are blaming their looting of convenience stores and Foot Locker shoe store on the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

        20-year-old Wright was shot and later died after he fled from police at a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The police officer was later identified as Kimberly Potter. She allegedly shot Daunte thinking she was holding a stun gun.

        Police guarded the property of Officer Kimberly Potter as Daunte Wright protests turned violent Tuesday night, with demonstrators clashing with police in Minneapolis while Portland’s police union building was set on fire.
        Potter’s five-bedroom house was surrounded with protective fencing after protesters leaked her address online as outrage mounts against the veteran cop who allegedly mistook a taser for a gun when she fatally shot Wright, 20, a black man.

        Wright’s killing, just 10 miles from the scene of George Floyd’s death last May in Minneapolis, led to unrest in Minnesota and nationwide. The trial of Derek Chauvin, the first of four police officers charged in Floyd’s death, is ongoing in the city.

        At least 60 people were arrested at protests in Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago overnight on Tuesday.

        Curfews had been in place for Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Crystal, Columbia Heights, New Hope and Maple Grove from 10pm local time, but had done little to stem the demonstrators.

        The Ashli Babbit family has yet to be told the name of the killer of their daughter in the US Capitol on January 6th.

        • david7134 says:

          It is just a matter of time. Currently it does not seem that the cause is moving forward but people are taking note and eventually a leader will present for which we can rally. Unfortunately people will only move when they are near desperation. I think that point will occur when the economy implodes. That is not far off. The Dems were desperate enough to steal the election, so we know they are in a bad way as well. Jeff is gaslighting and showing his immaturity.

          • Kye says:

            The Red commenter is a lost cause. He demands evidence and there’s never enough to prove the point. He refuses to see us as worthy of respect because he always sees us as deplorables. For some reason he thinks himself better than we are.

            Suddenly, chairman Xiden is bringing troops back from Afghanistan. My guess is to have them close to oppress anyone who doesn’t like the SC shenanigan’s or the coming gun grab. That’s when we’ll see Red commenter’s comrades really start stomping on necks.


        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          The Final Solution Commenter whines that his vote was taken away (false), his “beauty” parlor was shut down (possibly true), his voice (?), he lost his right to protest (false), and next his guns will be grabbed (false) and then his life taken (false).

          He uses these falsehoods to call for the elimination of those he hates. This an entire class of anti-Americans like him whose only response to losing an election and faced with culture changes is violence.

          Frightened animals are dangerous animals.

          You’ve ’round the bend.

          • Kye says:

            The Red commentator continues his lies and false suppositions. I never said they took my vote. I said they took our vote and we have plenty of visual evidence they did. It’s just the left and the Red commentator refuse to see it.

            “…..his “beauty” parlor was shut down (possibly true),” what do you mean “possibly”? We were illegally and unconstitutionally shut down just like every other service business in Pennsylvania by a fascist governor because of a flu. Almost six months loosing over a million in revenue and costing 14 full time and 7 P/T jobs as well as personal financial loss of $500,000. You think that’s okay because it’s me. It’s not okay for any American to be crushed by government. There is no clause in the Bill of Rights that says “Except when it’s flu season”.

            “He uses these falsehoods to call for the elimination of those he hates.” None of these things are “false” although you commies have not instituted them all….YET. And for the 100th time, I don’t hate anybody. You are projecting again. I hate fascism, communism and Islam because all three are for the ending of America.

            Now that I’ve (once again) replied to your lies about me how about you answer my questions? Ort are you a frightened animal and too afraid to tell the truth like your senile filthy leader and his whore helper?

            Why do you hat Whites?
            Why do you hate Christians?
            Why do you hate America?

            Since you have now identified yourself as a frightened animal with your usual projections tell us what is frightening you? Freedom? Prosperity? I know, God. He must scare the living shit out of a commie like you.

            Why, it’s almost as if The Red commenter wrote the denunciation himself…..
            Bravo to Paul Rossi for writing this:

            I know that by attaching my name to this I’m risking not only my current job but my career as an educator, since most schools, both public and private, are now captive to this backward ideology. But witnessing the harmful impact it has on children, I can’t stay silent…Recently, I raised questions about this [race-obsessed, oppressor/oppressed] ideology at a mandatory, whites-only student and faculty Zoom meeting. (Such racially segregated sessions are now commonplace at my school.) It was a bait-and-switch “self-care” seminar that labelled “objectivity,” “individualism,” “fear of open conflict,” and even “a right to comfort” as characteristics of white supremacy. I doubted that these human attributes — many of them virtues reframed as vices — should be racialized in this way. In the Zoom chat, I also questioned whether one must define oneself in terms of a racial identity at all. My goal was to model for students that they should feel safe to question ideological assertions if they felt moved to do so. It seemed like my questions broke the ice.

            Students and even a few teachers offered a broad range of questions and observations. Many students said it was a more productive and substantive discussion than they expected. However, when my questions were shared outside this forum, violating the school norm of confidentiality, I was informed by the head of the high school that my philosophical challenges had caused “harm” to students, given that these topics were “life and death matters, about people’s flesh and blood and bone.” I was reprimanded for “acting like an independent agent of a set of principles or ideas or beliefs.” And I was told that by doing so, I failed to serve the “greater good and the higher truth.” He further informed me that I had created “dissonance for vulnerable and unformed thinkers” and “neurological disturbance in students’ beings and systems.” The school’s director of studies added that my remarks could even constitute harassment. A few days later, the head of school ordered all high school advisors to read a public reprimand of my conduct out loud to every student in the school.

            A mandatory school-wide denunciation of a teacher who asked reasonable questions that challenged the “higher truth.” Positively Maoist. As you read these additional surreal details, remember that this sort of thinking is growing more and more common, especially at the elite level of society. Tomorrow’s leaders are being inculcated with this toxic sludge:

            Every student at the school must also sign a “Student Life Agreement,” which requires them to aver that “the world as we understand it can be hard and extremely biased,” that they commit to “recognize and acknowledge their biases when we come to school, and interrupt those biases,” and accept that they will be “held accountable should they fall short of the agreement.” A recent faculty email chain received enthusiastic support for recommending that we “‘officially’ flag students” who appear “resistant” to the “culture we are trying to establish.”

            When I questioned what form this resistance takes, examples presented by a colleague included “persisting with a colorblind ideology,” “suggesting that we treat everyone with respect,” “a belief in meritocracy,” and “just silence.” In a special assembly in February 2019, our head of school said that the impact of words and images perceived as racist — regardless of intent — is akin to “using a gun or a knife to kill or injure someone.”

            Imagine being a young person in this environment. Would you risk voicing your doubts, especially if you had never heard a single teacher question it?

            Words are violence, akin to shooting someone with a gun, but so is silence. Intent is irrelevant, which is a familiar refrain. The children will be made to speak, using only approved words, reflecting the correct thoughts. Frightening. Click through to read the full essay, which includes details of an incredibly racist directive from school administrators not to assign students writings by non-white conservatives, as well as an anecdote about a student expressing his concern about getting into trouble simply for being spotted speaking with Rossi. What a healthy environment in which impressionable young minds are being molded, no? This isn’t ‘nut-picking,’ wherein crazy, unrepresentative outliers are elevated as exemplars of wider crises. The problem is real, undeniable, and growing. An entire generation of privileged children are being forced by radical adults to think and communicate this way. They are being taught that merit, hard work, and respect for other ideas are all evil and white supremacy-adjacent, if not outright white supremacy. They’re bombarded with the message that their skin color is determinative. It’s sick and unsustainable — and it must be actively resisted, or this country will become unrecognizable.

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