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Washington Post: Say, Why Won’t Democrats Embrace Carbon Taxes?

The Washington Post editorial board is on a roll in calling carbon taxes the best solution for Hotcoldwetdry, and want Democrats to embrace them Why won’t Democrats embrace this solution for climate change? IN AN ideal world, our leaders would acknowledge the danger of climate change and seek the best way to combat it. If […]

Oregon To Potentially Give Some ‘Climate Change’ Ballot Measures A Whirl In 2020

This is fantastic. If the ballot measure doesn’t pass, it’s a hilarious blow to the Cult of Climastrology. If it does pass, they are essentially self-owning themselves by destroying their ability to use energy Ballot Measures Could Let Voters Act on Climate Change IF lawmakers again fail to pass a law regulating Oregon’s greenhouse gas […]

Carbon Pricing Is Not The Answer To Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

The “or something” is for Warmists noting just how bad carbon pricing is for “developing nations”, but failing to make the connection to every other nation Carbon Pricing Is Not a Fix for Climate Change There is much talk today about carbon pricing to reduce CO2 emissions and address climate change. Unlike many environmental pollutants […]

Repackaged Idea: Pay Every American To Reduce Their Hotcoldwetdry Emissions

This really isn’t anything new, it’s just being repackaged in a way to make Americans say “free money? Cool!” Let’s pay every American to reduce emissions As alarm over climate change rises, the idea of a “Green New Deal” is growing in popularity, including among candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. But most of the candidates have […]

Hotcold Take: Death Of Cap And Trade Means We Should Do Something Even Stronger

This is the thought process of Warmists: cap and trade, along with carbon tax, schemes keep failing, mostly because citizens do not want them. In theory, citizens are enthused to Do Something about the man-caused climate change scam. But, in practice, not so much. So, hey, instead of pushing something more reasonable why not push […]

Surprise: California’s Cap And Trade Program Becomes A Slush Fund

Who could have possibly seen this coming? (via Watts Up With That?) California lawmakers are turning cap-and-trade into the slush fund critics long feared For years, critics of California’s cap-and-trade program have lambasted it as a government slush fund. They say that politicians are able to dip into it to fund their pet projects or […]

Canada Needs To Boost Its Carbon Tax To Meet Paris Climate Agreement Target Or Something

Funny how they always want more money, eh? Ottawa needs to boost carbon tax by $50 a tonne to meet emissions reduction targets: budget officer The federal government would have to levy an additional carbon tax worth as much as $50 a tonne on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to achieve Canada’s emissions reduction targets, the […]

Oregon Carbon Tax Proposal Clears Final Committee, Full Vote Next

They should put this up for a referendum instead of a general assembly vote, and see how that goes. Usually, the carbon tax legislation loses. But, hey, this is vastly left leaning Oregon, so, let them suffer under the policies they push Oregon’s Major Climate Change Proposal Clears Final Committee A sweeping proposal for sharply […]

Surprise: Canadian Carbon Tax Rebates Lagging

See, members of the of the Cult of Climastrology make grandiose promises about people getting all sorts of money back from the carbon taxes passed into law by Warmists to offset the artificially increased cost of living from those taxes, and then Average carbon-tax rebates are lagging federal estimates, data suggests The federal government has […]

Washington Post Has A Sad That None Of The Democrats Are Pushing A Carbon Tax

Writing in the opinion section, Catherine Rampell is rather bummed that the 2020 Democratic candidates, all 453 of them, are forgetting to put forth a carbon tax. She should be careful what she wishes for, because what do you think will happen to a company that relies on the use of lots and lots of […]

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