Warmists Get Tiny Little Sales Tax On November Ballot In Denver

The best part will be when this gets shot down, as most climate scam taxes do. But, while I want it to be shot down in order to laugh at the climate cultists, I also want to see it pass, because we all know the sales tax will start increasing and increasing

A sales tax bump to fight the climate crisis gets some space on Denver’s November ballot

Denver’s Election Day ballot got thicker Monday after city council referred a climate change sales tax to voters.

If voters OK the tax on November 3, residents and visitors would pay 0.25 percent more, or 2.5 cents on every $10, for most items they buy. In exchange, proponents said, Denver would get cleaner air and relief from the effects of global warming like health problems, hotter temperatures, drought and flooding.

The legislative body passed the question onto city residents by a vote of 11 to 1, with Councilman Kevin Flynn dissenting.

The Climate Action Task Force, a body appointed by Mayor Michael Hancock to map out the city’s climate change response, recommended the tax to council. They think it will raise about $36 million a year, a lower sum than originally thought because of the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pack this on top of all the other taxes. Funny thing about Warmists, they don’t want to pay taxes themselves. I’ll give this a 40% chance of passing

Much of that money would fund infrastructure and incentives that make Denver’s homes, buildings and streets more energy-efficient. For example, officials envision retrofitting buildings to emit fewer greenhouse gases while incentivizing cleaner energy sources like solar. They also see car-first roads becoming multi-modal streets that prioritize buses — from a carbon-free fleet — as well as bikes, electric bikes and electric cars.

Pollution from residential, commercial and industrial buildings is the main ingredient in a cocktail of greenhouse gases that trap the sun’s radiation in the city, according to government documents. The transportation industry, including fossil-fueled cars, trucks and airplanes, is the second-largest contributor to climate-changing greenhouse gases.

Well, that’s weird. Usually climate cultists blame fossil fueled vehicles 1st. Perhaps they’re saying this to deflect from the reality that Denver revolves around fossil fuels? The massive airport. All the major sports teams. All the tourists.

Some say a sales tax is not the way to go because it will disproportionately burden people with less money.

A sales tax is what numbers people call “regressive” because everyone pays the same rate for the same thing, regardless of the buyer’s income. So while the tax is equally applied, it is not equitably applied. While wealthy people might not notice it, those with fewer means will, said Alexis Morris, a young resident who spoke at the city council meeting Monday.

Um, it’s 2.5 cents for every ten dollars. 2.5. Cents.

Denver would be “settling” for a regressive sales tax, Flynn said. He supports a separate sales tax measure to help the city’s unhoused residents because people with money would be helping people without it, he said. Flynn said the climate tax measure would be “asking too much from our voters right now.”

Asking for 2.5 cents on every $10 spent is asking too much? What Flynn, speaking for Warmists means is that Someone Else should pay.

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