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We’re Save: Beer Maker Says F*ck You CO2

They are pledging to be carbon negative Most stupid ad campaign ever? #ClimateCult https://t.co/9djmXCaXbr — Tom Nelson (@tan123) August 24, 2020 Such a pleasant campaign, eh? So, what are they doing? Have they done away with CO2 in their beer? Oh, right, it would be flat beer. And you can’t make it without CO2. We […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will soon rise up to destroy cities, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on lottery funds being used to fight ‘climate change’ (scam).

Police Shooting Sparks Riots In Kenosha

If you watch the video and read the accounts, it does not look like a good, legal shooting Police-involved shooting in Wisconsin prompts violent protest: report A police officer-involved shooting on Sunday of a Black man who was shot in the back set off violent protests in the lakefront city of Kenosha,Wis., that have lasted […]

NY Court Blocks Wedding With 175 People

Can someone explain why 50 people are OK, but not 175? Especially if they all wear masks? New York blocked a wedding with 175 expected guests from being held this weekend A federal appeals court Friday granted New York’s attempts to block weddings from having more than 50 people. The ruling thwarted efforts by at […]

Boston Looks Towards It’s Own Green New Deal

Personally, I think they should implement it, because every experiment needs an experimental group What to know about Michelle Wu’s ‘Green New Deal & Just Recovery’ for Boston Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu recently laid out a vision to bring the sweeping call for a Green New Deal heralded by Washington lawmakers to Boston through […]

Trump Releases 2nd Term Agenda Ahead Of GOP Convention

Weird. It doesn’t include things like bowing to China and Iran, defunding the police, reparations, calling everyone a racist, raising taxes, restricting people’s energy choices, and locking down the economy while making everyone wear a mask. Nor is it doom and gloom 💯Check out the first look at President @RealDonaldTrump's second term "Fighting For You" […]

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