Police Shooting Sparks Riots In Kenosha

If you watch the video and read the accounts, it does not look like a good, legal shooting

Police-involved shooting in Wisconsin prompts violent protest: report

A police officer-involved shooting on Sunday of a Black man who was shot in the back set off violent protests in the lakefront city of Kenosha,Wis., that have lasted into the early hours Monday.

Many details of the shooting were not immediately clear, but the following unrest prompted the city to issue a curfew until 7 a.m. on Monday and police asked businesses to consider staying closed “due to numerous arm robberies and shots fired calls.” (snip)

The Journal-Sentinel reported that a large crowd appeared at the scene and small fires were set in the street. One video purported to show a police officer knocked out during a protest. One person could be heard saying, “He got bricked.” (snip)

Marchers also headed to the Kenosha County Public Safety Building, which authorities had mostly blocked off. Protesters marched along lines of cars honking on their way to the station and eventually made their way to the rear parking lot. A man could be seen breaking the window of a patrol car parked along the street. Some police officers were positioned on the roof of the station as people continued toward the building.

How wise of an idea is it to destroy businesses in your own neighborhoods? Or robbing them? How many of them were black owned? Remember just a couple weeks ago when a black man walked into the street and shot a white boy in the head? It was mostly considered a local story, and when the story was run they usually left out that the shooter was black.

So, how long will the riots continue? How many police stations will be attacked? How many black businesses and housing units will be destroyed?

I actually wrote this in the morning for posting at 1030am, deciding to do something else, but, how about this?

Exactly what does this accomplish? How is this related to the gripes about police officers?

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One Response to “Police Shooting Sparks Riots In Kenosha”

  1. alanstorm says:

    “If you watch the video and read the accounts, it does not look like a good, legal shooting”

    How so? It does to me, from listening to my firearms instructors over the years. I read that he ignored police orders and was attempting to either (A) get something out of his car, or (B) get into his car.

    The cops WILL shoot in that instance. If (A) he could be going for a weapon, if (B), a car can be a weapon itself.

    He could have simply been trying to leave, but the cops wouldn’t likely take that chance.

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