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Coronavirus Shows Us How To Deal With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Have you enjoyed your climate cult test drive? Did you like being locked up, and, even if not, there being nowhere to go because everything else was locked up? No beach, mountains, lakes, parks, museums, etc? Economic activity collapsing? Unemployment spiking? Etc and so on? The pandemic shows us how to tackle the climate crisis […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible world killing plastic straw, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on Antifa vs Sturgis bikers.

Trump Has a Plan To Steal The Election Or Something

Remember, he stole the 2016 election by playing the game and campaigning in states he need to win, but, he has a dastardly plan for 2020! So says Jason Sattler at the USA Today Trump has a plan to steal the election and it’s not clear Democrats have a plan to stop him My only […]

European Union Looks To Tax Ships For Climate Change (scam) Emissions

Here’s how you reduce economic activity in the name of a cult Green recovery or ‘nightmare’ for trade? Europe wants to tax emissions from ships Europe’s plan to raise billions each year for coronavirus relief by charging ships for their pollution could inflame trade tensions at the worst moment for the global economy and set back efforts to tackle the climate […]

BLM To Play Elevated Roll At Convention Of Party That Keeps Black People Down

Seriously, where do blacks have it worst? In Democratic Party run cities and areas. Where are they kept downtrodden in crappy government housing, with poor schools, elevated crime, poor economic opportunities, urban blight, and pollution? In Democratic Party run areas. Also, it’s probably not helpful for average voters to see the message of a Marxist […]

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