BLM To Play Elevated Roll At Convention Of Party That Keeps Black People Down

Seriously, where do blacks have it worst? In Democratic Party run cities and areas. Where are they kept downtrodden in crappy government housing, with poor schools, elevated crime, poor economic opportunities, urban blight, and pollution? In Democratic Party run areas. Also, it’s probably not helpful for average voters to see the message of a Marxist organization which wants money from people who were not even alive when slavery was legal, who want to defund the police, and have been rioting and looting, committing mayhem and assaulting people (along with their Progressive minded white Democrat voting Comrades)

Black Lives Matter movement to play elevated role at convention

The message of Black Lives Matter will be woven throughout the 2020 Democratic National Convention, starting with a focus on racial injustice during the first night of programming.

The plan by convention organizers to elevate the Black Lives Matter movement reflects the party’s growing embrace of its calls for action on racial inequality and police brutality over the past four years, particularly since the May 25 police killing of George Floyd.

The lineup of prime-time programming for the convention doesn’t list a time slot for Black Lives Matter activists as of Thursday, but the Democratic National Committee (DNC) indicated there would be a focus on the movement and racial injustice throughout the entirety of the convention.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has given voice to the deep-seated inequality that has plagued our nation since its inception,” DNC Chair Tom Perez said in a statement. “The Democratic Party shares in their commitment to justice and hears their demands for change. When we nominate Joe Biden to be our standard-bearer, we will not miss this moment to ensure those values are reflected in everything we do.”

Racial injustice will be a key part of the “We the People” programming on Monday, according to the DNC and Biden campaign. Speakers that evening include Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) and former first lady Michelle Obama.

“[As] things become more mainstream, part of what happens is politicians take it on. I don’t think that we will be devoid of hearing statements about Black Lives Matter,” said Rashawn Ray, a governance studies fellow at The Brookings Institution.

“Rather than getting four or five minutes, or 15 minutes over the course three or four days, it becomes a part of the narrative,” he added.

It’s probably a good thing for the Democrats that there won’t be tens of thousands of people showing up for the convention, protesting and agitating and committing mayhem, spouting Marxist platforms and slogans, raising their fists in black power, making it hard for the Credentialed Media to hide. They want everyone (black) released from jail. That won’t play well. Reparations? Not going to play well. Defund the police? Won’t play well.

(NY Post) The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said that if the movement fails to achieve meaningful change during nationwide protests over George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police officers, it will “burn down this system.”

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation,” Hawk Newsome said during an interview Wednesday evening on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum.

Will that play well? We can all see what’s happening in Democratic Party run cities, with the Democratic Party governors of the states refusing to work to stop the violence. NYC, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and many others are burning. The only one attempting to stop it is Chicago, where the black hyper-Progressive mayor doesn’t care much about blacks shooting blacks, but, will send the police in when the tax base is attacked.

There probably won’t be all that much time to pander to Hispanics, eh?

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5 Responses to “BLM To Play Elevated Roll At Convention Of Party That Keeps Black People Down”

  1. Est1950 says:

    I have been watching several news outlets discussing the Biden campaign or lack thereof.

    In fact he is not campaigning at all, nor is the campaign itself along with the DNC. HRC in 2015-2016 knocked on 55 million doors before the election. The DNC and the Biden Camp are silent. the only knocking and campaigning is from local pols.

    The question becomes why?

    The answer might lie in the Trump Bump. The MSM does not want to lose Trump because of massive ratings. They are not aggressively going after him as they have. They have grown silent in the past month asking him many more softball questions as he drones endlessly in his briefings.

    They understand the polls are wrong. 80 percent of blacks and Hispanics are opposed to de-funding the police and 70 percent are opposed to the rioting and yet the MSM is silent on the riots and the police.

    Body camera footage shows Floyd kicking his way out of the squad car and begging the police to hold him on the ground because he is claustrophobic. No ones covering that.

    Members of congress are begging the riots to continue knowing there is no way it is helping their cause with polls overwhelmingly against them. Police in NYC of all places have endorsed and are backing Trump.

    I could go on and on. The left WANTS TO LOSE.


    The answer is simple. With Trump in charge they left can continue to riot and burn it all down which is their goal. They know they have no message that resonates with the majority. They cannot win in congress with the filibuster in place. They do not care. The MSM is communist and China has indoctrinated our children for 30 years and we let them.

    The goal of the left is REVOLUTION. If anyone thinks Trumps reelection is anything but a foregone conclusion you are wrong. Trump will romp, the left will pour into the streets in an attempt to burn it down and YOU will have to choose to fight or watch America die.

    The Civil war is here. It is only a matter of confirming it. That is election day. After the chaos of the election and a rout of the left it will be We were cheated. Trump and the GOP suppressed the vote.

    They thrive and want chaos. The war is here. It has already started. Bread lines are forming. The left refuses to help those in need which are those most likely to take to the streets.

    Prepare folks. Trump will win because the powers that be deem it so, because they truly want revolution and a war. Look what is happening in Europe with nearly a million people protesting in the streets over their election.

    The die is cast. Revolution is on our door steps and our GOP politicians are clueless as to what is about to hit America.

    • Est1950 says:

      Sunday, August 16, 2020

      A non-profit organization backed by radical socialist billionaire George Soros has reportedly been setting murderers and rapists free from jail in Minnesota. One America’s Pearson Sharp has the story.

      In 2014-2016-2018 the left focused heavily on Attorney General and District attorney races, putting far left radicals in positions as the most important position in politics.

      Willie Brown: Kamala Harris should say no to vice presidency……….. On the other hand, the attorney general has legitimate power. From atop the Justice Department, the boss can make a real mark on everything from police reform to racial justice to prosecuting corporate misdeeds.

      And the attorney general gets to name every U.S. attorney in the country. That’s power.

      The left is tossing violent criminals on to the streets. Arresting Granny who wants to feed her children. Who do you think is going to take up arms in riots and protesting? Granny or Murderers, rapists and gang bangers?

      FROM NBC…… Looting in Chicago was a long time coming, some experts say
      The uprising sent a clear message for one professor: “This put everybody on notice that folks have had enough.”

      NYC… NO CASH BAIL. Let violent offenders loose for free. Repeat offenders released repeatedly.

      NYC… Is EMPTY. Experts saying the town will never recover.

      Trump narrows gap with Biden, new poll shows
      Biden’s edge shrinks to just 1 point among those polled who live in 15 general election battleground states

      The left wants Trump to win. They want war, not peace in the halls of Injustice that is the House, Senate and White House.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Biden’s lead over the president in the CNN poll widens to 53%-46% among the nearly three-quarters of those questioned who said they’re extremely or very enthusiastic about voting this fall. But the former vice president’s edge of Trump shrinks to just 1 point – 49%-48% – among those polled who live in 15 general election battleground states.

    One POINT in the battle ground states by CNN who hates Trump. Not exactly an biased right leaning poll.

    Why would they show Trump losing so badly nationally but Biden barely eeking out 1 point in battle ground states.

    CNN is on the verge of going out of business, or if not that then certainly becoming a marginalized news outlet of the once Behemouth who owned Cable news. They GET the TRUMP BUMP more than any other outlet. They want Trump to win. They need Trump to win.

    Remember one thing. The News consists of Marxist trainned younsters who have no idea what they are trying to inflict on America. There is no equality and shared wealth in any communist state. Ever. There is only pain and reprisals. There is them telling us what to do. These kiddos don’t get it and never will until we slip over that edge and then wonder WTF when their tik Tok, twitter and Facebook is all censoring their stupid SJW montage that led them to where they stand in the communist streets of America.

    They will want their mommy back. But it will be too late. It’s always too late when you do something radical and irreversible. This is not a video game. You can’t reload your save and start over and make things right.

    • formwiz says:

      Biden leads President Donald Trump by just four points nationally — 50% to 46%— and by even less across 15 battleground states that will determine who wins the electoral college. In those 15 states — Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin — the new CNN poll has Biden leading by just 1 point, with Biden at 49 and Trump at 48.

  3. formwiz says:

    Yes, let’s have the foul-mouthed extortionist Negroes emblazon their racist slogans all over the hall.

    That should bring lots of Demos home, right?

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