European Union Looks To Tax Ships For Climate Change (scam) Emissions

Here’s how you reduce economic activity in the name of a cult

Green recovery or ‘nightmare’ for trade? Europe wants to tax emissions from ships

Europe’s plan to raise billions each year for coronavirus relief by charging ships for their pollution could inflame trade tensions at the worst moment for the global economy and set back efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

The European Commission is proposing to extend its Emissions Trading System (ETS) to shipping as one of a series of measures to help pay for rebuilding the EU economy, and to promote a green recovery from the crisis.

The European Union plans to spend 30% of its €750 billion ($889 billion) coronavirus recovery fund and next seven-year EU budget on climate-related projects in a bid to become the first carbon-neutral continent.

But the proposed shipping tax has run into fierce opposition from the industry, which says it would undermine efforts to tackle climate change at a global level and is likely to spark a backlash from non-EU countries, raising the specter of new trade disputes.

You know who pays for these taxes? Consumers. Not companies. Consumers pay in the form of higher prices.

Ships carry 80% of world goods trade by volume, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Any increase in costs from pollution charges could be passed on by operators to businesses and consumers in the form of higher prices.

Critics of the proposal say that countries outside the European Union are likely to view it as little more than a way to raise money. The European Commission has estimated that extending the ETS to the maritime sector and requiring airlines to pay more for their pollution could generate €10 billion ($11.8 billion) a year.

“This is an admission that this is not about climate whatsoever, it’s about raising funds,” said Lars Robert Pedersen, deputy secretary general of international shipping association BIMCO, which is headquartered in Copenhagen.

Hey, Europeans, this is what you vote for when you vote for far-left lunatics who believe in the what the Cult of Climastrology is pushing, so, don’t complain when it hits you in your wallet.

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4 Responses to “European Union Looks To Tax Ships For Climate Change (scam) Emissions”

  1. MrToad says:

    The cynic in me says China and India will be exempt because they are “developing countries”. I doubt Trump would sign on to this without retaliation.

    Quid would retaliate against his own USA shippers because they’re “rich” and need to “pay their fair share” like Obama did. Which is exactly what the EU, China, India & Climate Change, Inc. are counting if Quid and The Party can pull this off in November.

  2. David Kendrick says:

    As a UK EU escapee I will point out what the Green tariff is really for, its a protectionist measure for Franco German industry, whos customers live near the point of manufacture, if Goods imported are Tariffed at a jointly punitive rate, home industry will offset this by burning less co2 for delivery – plus taking tax incentives & loans to go green, than those sent transporting goods halfway around the world. As they enter the EU the levy for that cheapest bunker fuel suddenly makes transport uneconomic.

  3. STW says:

    So, it raises the price of imports, hurting consumers, and it will raise the price of exports, hurting producers. Brilliant.

    • David Kendrick says:

      Progressinomics only makes sense to the lobbyist, Greta and the big state which needs the income. 2+2=5.

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