BLM Activist Accuses Chicago Fire Department Of Removing BLM Banner

Something strange is going on

Chicago Fire Department Investigates Alleged Removal of BLM Banner

The Chicago Fire Department announced Sunday that it had launched an investigation into an online post that alleged someone operating a firetruck removed a Black Lives Matter banner, officials said.

A post on Nextdoor — a hyperlocal social network — by Dr. Adele Cobbs claimed that the Black Lives Matter banner in Kenwood near Lake Shore Drive was taken down by two white men operating a firetruck, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“They literally obstructed traffic to do this,” Cobbs wrote in her post, which included a photo showing the firetruck. “Unbelievable. They are paid to serve our community and this is what they think about Black lives.”

Cobbs told the Chicago Tribune Sunday she saw one of the men taking down the banner from a fence shortly before 11 a.m. Saturday.

“I’ve seen that banner,” Cobbs told the Tribune. “It’s in a discreet place that was bothering no one.”

Seems like an interesting narrative, eh?

Cobbs pulled over and parked in front of the firetruck as it stopped along a two-way street to remove the banner.

“I stuck up my arms and said, ‘Why?’” Cobbs said.

The only thing she got in return from the firefighters was an aggressive honk of their truck’s horn.

So Cobbs filed a report with the department confirming what she saw.

Here’s the strange thing: in the era of everyone having a phone which can take pictures and video, and people whipping them out to record every little thing that happens, not one news outlet has a photo or video of this happening. You’re telling me that a Dr. Cobbs wasn’t able to get on photo or video? And no one else seems to have any? I’ve rolled through over 10 articles. Checked Facebook and Twitter. Nothing. The only thing she shared was an image of Firetruck No. 15, which belongs to Station 45 in Bronzeville, behind her vehicle. Behind

Hey, maybe it did happen. But, most likely it was BLM activists who took it down looking to create outrage, and now they get to blame the CFD.

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  1. bkhuna says:

    The needle pegged out on my BS meter.

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