Hundreds Of Snowmen In Utah Makes The Case For A Carbon Tax Or Something

Well, it looks like the cultists have finally moved on from saying what happened in Texas is the your fault for driving a fossil fueled vehicle. Most pieces now are just reprints of previous articles. But, hey, it’s still winter, so….

Hundreds of snowmen make a case in Utah for climate change

There wasn’t much snow in the Utah skies on Sunday, but hundreds of little snowmen made their way to the grounds at the state Capitol.

It was all part of a plea to save the “endangered species” — the snow.

The demonstration aims to encourage lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, state and local, to demand a price on carbon.

“The snow people claim carbon pricing is the fastest and most effective way to curb climate change,” said Nick Huey, of Taylorsville, who organized Sunday’s event.

He said more than 50 volunteers turned out to create at least 500 snowmen and snow women, using snow that was already on the property.

I’m wondering how these people got to the state Capitol: fossil fueled vehicles, perhaps?

“We need to do something about (climate change) … and it doesn’t have to be that we launch ourselves into the Dark Ages and never use our cars,” the 28-year-old father told the Deseret News. He said lawmakers should “set the rules and let the market respond with new innovations” that could lead to less pollution and cleaner air.

Some of the cleverly and quickly crafted snowmen held messages, including “Snowppl 4 carbn pricing,” and “Mister Mitt Romnee, if u price carbon we will vote 4 u 4 ever.”

Huey said putting a tax on carbon emissions is something both parties can get behind.

Oh, right, they want a carbon tax scheme to pay for their own Bad Behavior, knowing that the taxes would be on Other People, not themselves. If the scheme was actually left up to the market, the price would quickly drop to near zero, which is why most places that have carbon tax schemes see the government keep the price artificially high and continuously raise it.

Carbon pricing would essentially shift the burden of greenhouse gases to the corporations that play a part in creating it. Those companies also have the ability to slow or reduce their emissions.

See? On Other People. Never considering that companies will just pass the increase costs on to the consumers.

“It’s free market, small government and it’s incredibly effective,” he said, adding that it would allow the U.S. to meet the goals set by the Paris climate agreement without having to belong to it.

How is government implementing a tax on companies free market? These lunatics keep trying this talking point, and you’d have to be an idiot to buy into it. None of these schemes have done much anywhere they are in place, just more money into government coffers, and more government interference by government on business.

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3 Responses to “Hundreds Of Snowmen In Utah Makes The Case For A Carbon Tax Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    JOE BIDEN slapped own at the G-7 summit by France and Germany.

    JOE BIDEN slapped down by AUSTRALIA, INDIA and INDONESIA in the far East.

    JOE BIDEN proclaims America is BACK and wants to be your buddy and these nations tell him to go fuk himself. emphasis mine.

    There are movements all over the world to reject the great Reset. IN fact most of Europe is not on board with redistributing the wealth of the EU, America, Canada and Australia to poor emerging countries of the world.

    The EXPERTS said don’t wear a mask. Then Wear a mask. Now they say perhaps wear TWO MASKS and NOW???

    Fauchi says we will be wearing masks into 2022. This despite infections down 30 percent and hospitalizations down 22 percent.

    28 million have had COVID…and by the best estimates the experts suspect that that number is 3x-5x times higher than that because of those who never reported. With the 25 million already immunized we are looking at HERD IMMUNITY of nearly 1/3 to 1/2 of the country ATM.

    BUT NOW we are told that herd immunity will not work!!!!!!

    Everywhere in the news we are hearing that the vaccines work against the new strains and yet now we are being told to lock down and shut up because of new strains.

    We are being told that we will need a new shot every year to protect us from COVID.

    Now we are being told that IF you had COVID you still are a danger and need the vaccine but might only need one shot….NO HERD IMMUNITY FOR YUSE GUYS

    On and on and on it goes. Fear mongering to great lengths to keep the people silent until it is too late to stand up for their rights.

    IF ANY OF THE ABOVE IS TRUE. WHY THE GREAT RESET?????…IN 9 years half the planet will be dead from COVID anyway.

  2. Jl says:

    If alarmists are so afraid of the CO2 molecule, they should for nuclear power……….wonder why?

  3. Jl says:

    Bad link———-

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