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Climate Cult Wants Farmers To Go Back To 1499 Or Something

There are certainly some practices of modern farming that need to change, like the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, but, the Cult of Climastrology wants to move the whole operation back to “simpler methods” Farming needs to go back to old fashioned methods to help the environment, says PM’s father as he takes on new […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will soon swamp all the coasts, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Climate Science, with a post on the endless summer in New York.

USA Today: You Darned Christians Are Too Threatening To Keep Around

Now, just imagine the USA Today allowing an opinion piece like this about Muslims. Can’t do it, can you? Christian nationalism is a threat, and not just from Capitol attackers invoking Jesus Christian nationalists inside our government are working quietly to take America for Jesus. They are the more resilient danger to religious pluralism. After […]

Surprise: Fighting Climate Crisis (scam) Means Big Changes To America

Climate cultist Seth Borenstein, who’s been a leading pusher of the climate crisis scam in the Credentialed Media for a long time, tries to put a positive spin on having to change everything about America Fighting climate change in America means changes to America Climate isn’t the only thing changing. What comes next in the […]

China Joe Agrees To Meet With Republicans Who Have COVID Relief Legislation

Republicans had been 100% ignored by China Joe and the Democrats in Congress in crafting a COVID relief package, so, they came up with their own. China Joe has agreed to talk with them. How long till he dismisses the plan out of hand? First, the plan 10 Republican senators agree to meet with Biden […]

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