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White House Notes What Happened In Texas Shows We Aren’t Ready For Climate Apocalypse

Climate cultists just can’t help themselves, can they? I’d suggest that the White House give up their own use of fossil fuels and run 100% on solar panels, wind turbines, and jelly beans White House Adviser Says Texas Outages Show How U.S. Is Unprepared For Climate Change The extreme weather conditions in Texas, where a […]

If All You See…

…is a house on stilts to protect against extreme weather and sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pacific Pundit, with a post on leaked Coca Cola employee training on being “less white”.

Democrats Unveil Full COVID Bill, Pretty Much Exactly What You Thought It Would Contain

The only way it passes is through reconciliation, provided any Republicans will cross the aisle, since Joe Manchin has said he’s against raising the minimum wage in the bill, as has Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema House Democrats unveil full $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill with minimum wage increase House Democrats took another step Friday in […]

Hot Take: High Flying John Kerry Says We Only Have 9 Years Left

You remember John Kerry, right, and his private jet? Well, he now says we only have 9 years left .@JohnKerry: "We have nine years left” to “avert climate catastrophe … There’s no room for B.S. anymore” CBS: "The clock is ticking" pic.twitter.com/qAlEdBCrOL — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 19, 2021 Here’s a CBS article on this […]

Democrats Pushing Gun Registry Legislation, Including Where People Keep Their Firearms

Well, of course they are, this is what they do Democratic bill would create public registry of gun owners, their guns, and where they keep them A Democratic bill introduced in the House of Representatives this year aims to create a mandatory and publicly accessible registry listing the names of gun owners, how many guns […]

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