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Who’s Up For WWII Style Meat Rationing To Stop Climate Crisis (scam)?

Tell you what, if climate cultists can do this for 5 years in their own lives, I might consider that they believe the Earth is doomed rather than doing this for their authoritarian political beliefs (and not realizing the Bad Stuff will hit their own lives) Boris Johnson faces calls to bring back WW2 meat […]

Dems $15 Minimum Wage Hike Will Kill 1.4 Million Jobs

They think it will lift 900K out of poverty or something. Of course, how many of those remaining jobs will be given to illegal aliens? CBO: $15 minimum wage hike would cost 1.4M jobs, lift 900K out of poverty A new Congressional Budget Office report says the Raise the Wage Act – the bill to gradually raise […]

If All You See…

…are trees being killed by beetles due to Other People driving fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on the real cost of offshore wind power. BTW, will I certainly appreciate the female form, does it annoy […]

COVID Crazy: You Should Wear A Mask While Walking Your Dog

Pretty much every single state and city that has a mask mandate requires you to wear it if you are going to be in proximity with other people. But, you can stay away from people outside, right, so you don’t need to be masked up all the time, right? Au Contraire Wearing a mask to […]

Study: Modern Warm Period Started Around 1825

Could this be something? It’s always been assumed that the Modern Warm Period around the 1850’s, which allows Warmists to claim that the Industrial Revolution caused the current warm period Climate change: global warming may have started before industrial revolution, Chinese study says Studies of coral reefs in the Paracel Islands suggest that the South […]

Palestinians Set To Reap Rewards Of Trump’s Israel-UAE Peace Deal

The Democrats and the Credentialed Media looked to downplay all the peace deals they brokered between Israel and Muslim nations, but, they keep reaping better and better things Palestinians are signing up to UAE peace deal, claims Israel’s first ambassador in the Gulf Palestinians stand to reap major benefits from Israel’s peace agreements with the […]

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