COVID Crazy: You Should Wear A Mask While Walking Your Dog

Pretty much every single state and city that has a mask mandate requires you to wear it if you are going to be in proximity with other people. But, you can stay away from people outside, right, so you don’t need to be masked up all the time, right? Au Contraire

It’s great when you’re told to wear a mask by someone who isn’t wearing a mask while inside and in the company of at least several people who are filming this bit of COVID moonbattery.

BTW, a fireplace is Evil for climate change, isn’t it? Not sure if wood or natural gas, but, either are supposed to be Bad.

Biden says women dropping out of workforce, closed schools are “national emergency”

President Biden said the exodus of millions of women from the labor force and the closing of schools —along with the mental health issues for children that could arise — during the COVID-19 pandemic constitute a “national emergency.”

“CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell spoke to Mr. Biden in the first network news interview he has given since his inauguration.

“It is a national emergency. It genuinely is a national emergency,” Mr. Biden said. Nearly 3 million women have left the workforce over the past year.

The president said he and his staff realized the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic was “even more dire than we thought” once they entered the White House.

Got that? China Joe is blaming Trump, despite Trump wanting to reopen the economy and schools. Despite the areas with the closed schools and biggest business restrictions being in areas run by Democrats. Despite this happening in areas around the world. Funny that Joe won’t throw any blame towards his pals in China, eh? Nor towards his pals in the teacher’s unions, many of whom won’t come back to class.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Mr. Biden’s chief medical adviser and the top infectious disease doctor in the country, has said that to get herd immunity, 75% of Americans have to be vaccinated. At the current rate of 1.3 million vaccines a day, CBS News has calculated 75% of Americans won’t be vaccinated until the end of 2021.

“We can’t wait that long,” Mr. Biden said.

We wouldn’t even have vaccines without Trump’s leadership. Joe was out there, along with other Democrats, saying a vaccine would never happen this quick.

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9 Responses to “COVID Crazy: You Should Wear A Mask While Walking Your Dog”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Closing every small business in the country results in people losing their jobs. And half of all people are women. No one saw that coming.

  2. Hairy says:

    Proffy what country are you in where all businesses are closed ?
    Teach Biden and most Americans blame Trump for his piss poor response to the pandemic No other country has as many deaths
    Teach how woukd you rate the national response by Trump ? When did you realize that 500000 were going to die?

    • Professor Hale says:

      Jeff-Hairy, I already said that you have nothing to say on any topic that interests me. Please do your democratic party talking points for someone who cares. Your attention seeking is not a priority for me.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        perfesser hate,

        Why do you continue to respond by name?

        You blurt out your opinions and are corrected by others. Just ignore what others type.

        Actually, dumbass fake perfersser, your simple assessment is simply wrong. Women are dropping out of the labor force because someone is staying home with the children.

        Perfesser, I worked with professors. I know professors. Professors are friends of mine. Perfesser, you’re no professor.

        • david7134 says:

          My Jeff, that is quite a load. You know professors and can differentiate real versus fake. That is something for a pharmacist without an advanced degree, who has a job of publishing articles in a favorable light for worthless drugs. I have always advocated that you are very stupid and ignorant as well as a liar. Now all are getting to see you in that light. Run back to Surbers blog, they hate you just as much there as well.

    • Dana says:

      The Hirsute One wrote:

      Biden and most Americans blame Trump for his piss poor response to the pandemic

      Well, it’s true enough that most Americans blamed President Trump for the pandemic, and the Democrats certainly played that up for maximum political advantage. Presidents get the credit for good things, and the blame for bad ones, even if they aren’t their responsibility.

      But what could President Trump done differently? Even President Biden doesn’t believe that the President could order a nationwide mask mandate, as is evidenced by the fact he only ordered one in federal buildings and federal licensed transportation. It was the state Governors who issued the various state mask mandates and shut down ‘non-essential’ businesses.

      Now, we could have had as effective a response as China . . . if we were willing to surrender our individual rights and liberties. More Americans probably died due to that, out our Constitution, though wounded, has survived and (most of) our constitutional rights still exist.

      At least on paper.

      Which, I have to ask, of our constitutional rights do you think we should have given up to fight COVID-19?

    • Jl says:

      So John, for about the tenth time, what should he have done differently? To be able to truthfully say that someone screwed up a response to something, one must then be able to say what should have been done differently. What’s the matter, John?

  3. Dan Ryan Galt says:

    Yeah, like I’m going to take advise from an adulterous phony “Doctor”.
    Does she work for Visiting Angles?

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