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Surprise: Bank Of America Says Going Green Could Hurt The Economy

But, see, they say it will totally lift the economy in the future! Well, the stock market. Not necessarily your pocketbook Going Green May Hurt at First — But Fighting Climate Change Will Boost the S&P 500 Here’s where stocks will benefit most from climate change policies under President Biden, according to Bank of America. […]

Who’s Up For Foreign Nationals Getting COVID Vaccine Before Americans?

Hey, this is what you voted for, Democrats and the deranged Never Trumpers. You happy with this? No, no, I don’t want to hear your complaints that you or your family members should get the vaccine before these foreigners, this is what you wanted with a China Joe presidency over Mr. Mean Tweets Report: Foreign […]

Climate Cultist Disha Ravi Arrested For “sedition, promoting hatred among groups and criminal conspiracy”

At the surface, it’s fun for Skeptics to laugh at this climate cultist, but, it’s not quite that simple India activist Disha Ravi arrested over farmers’ protest ‘toolkit’ A 22-year-old Indian climate activist has been arrested after sharing a document intended to help farmers protest against new agricultural laws. Police said Disha Ravi was a […]

Next Up For Democrats? A Long, Long 9/11 Commission Style Investigation Into The Mostly Peaceful Capitol Protest

It would be just another bit of theater for Democrats to express their Feelings about Trump, letting their Trump Derangement Syndrome out, but, it would not be cathartic for them like most group sessions. And, really, consider that 45% of Democrat voters felt that George Bush either let 9/11 happen or made it happen even […]

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