Climate Cultist Disha Ravi Arrested For “sedition, promoting hatred among groups and criminal conspiracy”

At the surface, it’s fun for Skeptics to laugh at this climate cultist, but, it’s not quite that simple

India activist Disha Ravi arrested over farmers’ protest ‘toolkit’

A 22-year-old Indian climate activist has been arrested after sharing a document intended to help farmers protest against new agricultural laws.

Police said Disha Ravi was a “key conspirator” in the “formulation and dissemination” of the document.

The “toolkit”, which suggests ways of helping the farmers, was tweeted by prominent activist Greta Thunberg.

Activists say Ms Ravi’s arrest is a clear warning to those who want to show support to anti-government protests.

As the Hindustan Times notes, she’s accused of “sedition, promoting hatred among groups and criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).” Anyhow, what are these protests about?

Tens of thousands of farmers have been protesting for more than two months over the laws, which they say benefit only big corporations.

The new legislation loosens rules around the sale, pricing and storage of farm produce which have protected India’s farmers from the free market for decades.

The farmers’ protests mark the biggest challenge India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced. His government has offered to suspend the laws but the farmers want them replaced altogether.

So, the government wanted more free market and less government control of farming and less price fixing. The farmers are not only not good with that, they want even more government involvement in fixing prices and protections. Remember that bit

Ms Ravi, one of the founders of the Indian branch of the Fridays for Future climate strike, was arrested by Delhi police.

In a statement posted on social media on Sunday, police said she had “collaborated” to “spread disaffection against the Indian State”.

It said she was an editor of the document and had shared it with Swedish climate activist Ms Thunberg.

Police have said the toolkit suggested a conspiracy in the run up to a huge rally on 26 January, which saw protesting farmers clash with police.

“The call was to wage economic, social, cultural and regional war against India,” Delhi Police Special Commissioner Praveer Ranjan said earlier this month.

“We have registered a case for spreading disaffection against the government of India – it’s regarding sedition – and disharmony between groups on religious, social and cultural grounds, and criminal conspiracy to give shape to such a plan,” he added.

So, she was instrumental in whipping up the farmers to protest against the government for …. more government, which led to violence in a few cases. That said, should Skeptics support her, at least her ability to organize protests? Because we do support freedom of speech, even though that isn’t quite a thing in India. But, free speech support is free speech support, something the Warmists are against if that speech is considered Wrongthink.

On the flip side, should Warmists be for her arrest, since she was engaged in “anti-government” activities? They are certainly massive Big Government believers, right?

That is all the surface thoughts. The deep thoughts are that these climate cultists are involving themselves and their cult with the concerns of farmers, whipping them up, causing problems, messing up the message of the farmers, all for their cultish beliefs. The protests really had and have nothing to do with the climate change scam.

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9 Responses to “Climate Cultist Disha Ravi Arrested For “sedition, promoting hatred among groups and criminal conspiracy””

  1. Est1950 says:


    I reported a week ago that SAINT GRETA is facing charges in INDIA for Fomenting Rebellion by publishing accidentally the plan by leftist organizations around the world on how to help the farmers rebel against the Indian government.

    In India right now they are struggling mightily with 1.5 billion people being forced to mask up, lock down, restricted travel, food shortages and the LUNATIC LEFT is trying to get the farmers to STOP WORKING to put pressure on the government for SOCIAL CHANGES.

    In the middle of a pandemic. In the middle of a nation starving.

    Remember to never let a good crisis go to waste. I mean it worked in the USA.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Secession-ready* Texas and its quislings, Gov Abbott and Senators Cruz and Cornyn, begged President Biden for federal aid for the winter storm’s damage. Biden, of course, said yes, since it’s what Presidents for ALL Americans do.

    You may recall that Sen Cruz voted AGAINST aid to blue states in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Maybe Mr Biden should visit for a photo op and toss out ice scrapers.

    *Rep. Kyle Biedermann, R-Fredericksburg, submitted House Bill 1359 in late Jan. If approved by the Texas House and Senate and signed by Gov. Abbott, the Nov. 2 ballot would include this nonbinding referendum question: “Should the legislature of the State of Texas submit a plan for leaving the United States of America and establishing an independent republic?”

    This for a state that can’t handle a cold snap. Once they’re an independent nation will they come begging the USA for help with every hurricane and cold snap? Will they build a wall between the Grand Duchy of Texas and the USA?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Another non sequitur from the little lyin’ pussy Rimjob.

      It’s all he’s got.


    • Kye says:

      Nobody “begged” anybody, asshole. You gotta go to eleven!!!! Ya schmuck. They asked for federal support which as a state they are entitled to ask for. The senile fukhead said yes. So what? He’s still an illegal pretender. And you’re still an asshole.

      Once they’re an independent nation their nuclear power plants will take care of it since it’s the stupid fukin windmills that caused the problem. I guess if they made Hunter Biden VP of windmills this wouldn’t happen.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Lady Kye, clutching her pearls, swoons over Texas being mocked.

        But if they can’t handle the occasional cold snap how will they survive on their own, you old asshole you.

        Windmills caused the cold snap in Texas? That’s a new one.

        The Democrats passed the aid bill for Hurricane Sandy with TX Senators Cruz and Cornyn voting no. 22 of 23 GOP Reps voted against the aid bill.

        It’s a good thing Dems are more decent Americans than GOPhers.

        Will KY or NC or PA need aid?

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Windmills caused the cold snap in Texas?

          Not what he wrote or implied but that’s how the lyin’denyin’ little pussy Rimjob rolls.
          You’re not very smart.


        • Kye says:

          Ladyboy Elwood,

          “Windmills caused the cold snap in Texas? That’s a new one.”

          That is a new one because I never said that! Once again you begin with a faulty premise and build a fantastic lie. I was pointing out that frozen solid windmills (15th century technology) are at fault for the power shortage not the cold snap moron. If they tossed the stupid windmills and built nuclear power plants they would never be cold (or hot) again! But the demofascists have too much money invested in their billionaire patrons to do the right thing and stop the stupid windmills and solar shit. Maybe if they pay Hunter Biden $10 mil they can get the heat turned on.

          BTW, the “Democrats” (they no longer exist) passed a bill for Hurricane Sandy along WITH “Republicans” (they no longer exist either). It was bipartisan. Or are you saying it was not? We all know the “Democrats” can be relied on to piss away money on anything but just sometimes they do the right thing …for the wrong reasons. They could care less about hurricane victims, they were buying votes and subsidizing unions.

          Incidentally, according to every poll ever done, conservatives are more generous than leftists, liberals and progressives by every standard. n So when you start bitching about “decent” Americans consider that along with the fact that you are for murdering babies, butchering young boys who “think” they’re girls and vice versa. You’re also for bringing diseased immigrants here to infect our families.

          Plus, you’re all in on mythical “threat” of sinister White Supremacist Insurrectionists while cheering on murderers of BLM & Antifa.

          The good news is Trump was exonerated but the bad news is we still have a lying, cheating, traitor in the White (are we still allowed to call it that?) House.

        • Dana says:

          The windmills didn’t cause the cold snap, but the cold snap froze up the windmills!

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