Who’s Up For WWII Style Meat Rationing To Stop Climate Crisis (scam)?

Tell you what, if climate cultists can do this for 5 years in their own lives, I might consider that they believe the Earth is doomed rather than doing this for their authoritarian political beliefs (and not realizing the Bad Stuff will hit their own lives)

Boris Johnson faces calls to bring back WW2 meat rationing to save the planet

Donnachadh McCarthy is an Extinction Rebellion activist and author who proposed the idea after Tony Danker, Director of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), urged the Government to mimic the postwar recovery programme of 1945. Mr McCarthy took it one step further and claimed we should reintroduce rationing, which was implemented to feed the country on limited food supplies. This method, he believes, would be the fairest way to combat climate change when compared to alleged government plans to introduce a carbon tax on the food industry.

Speaking to Cristo Foufas on talkRADIO, the Extinction Rebellion supporter said: “The CBI, not a mad radical organisation, this week said that we should treat the climate crisis and the Covid crisis and the economic crisis as we did the Second World War.

“And how did we do it fairly in the Second World War? We didn’t say we were going to put a tax on meat and the rich can afford loads of meat and the poor get none, what we did was rationing.

“We have to accept that meat has really high carbon emissions, so the fair way of bringing it down and bringing down consumption is for (someone) to say ‘this is as much meat as you’re allowed each year’ and there’s your ration.

It’s weird how this keeps coming down to Government controlling the lives of citizens, eh? It’s almost like this has nothing to do with science.

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7 Responses to “Who’s Up For WWII Style Meat Rationing To Stop Climate Crisis (scam)?”

  1. Dana says:

    It’s all about control. Our Betters know what’s good for us; I thought you knew that.

    Of course, us country folk could simply get together, slaughter a cow, divide it up and stock our chest freezers. But once the word of that gets around, the Warmunists will want to have the police sent around, to search our properties, to make sure we aren’t carnivoring more than our rationed share.

    Or, heaven forfend! selling beef on the black market!

    Sometimes I think that simply living a normal life will be considered extremist.

    • Professor Hale says:

      In WW2, The brits knew that Farmers (producers) had more food than city people (consumers) so they sent inspectors out regularly to ensure livestock were accounted and made it safely to the slaughterhouse. And of course, hunting game was always a prerogative of the aristocracy.

  2. If it involves 🐄 I say, pork, chicken, and fish are delicious! 🐖🐔🐟

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Why would Teach base his scientific positions on what other non-scientists do? Would he really stop eating meat if others did so for 5 years? Why? If there is no scientific support for the actions, why base your actions on what others do? Unless… unless it’s just a debating trick to denigrate the opposition.

    Humans have to eat, making agriculture an absolute necessity. And this includes production and consumption of meat. Meat production (beef, pork, chicken) is responsible for about 15% of added CO2. Rationing is not the answer.

  4. Est1950 says:

    Refeudalization in sociology of neoliberal globalization

    Refers to contemporary socio-economic processes in the global economy as refeudalization.

    The Swiss Jean Ziegler uses the German expression “Refeudalisierung der Gesellschaft” to illuminate the forces behind neoliberal globalization. In his pamphlet “The Empire of Shame”, he criticizes the new system of “Refeudalisierung” based on SCARCITY and DEBT.

    However, the concept in English is typically translated as the “new feudalization”, which here means the subversion of Enlightenment values (freedom, equality and brotherhood) and the radical privatization of public goods and services.

    Comparable ideas have been developed by Sighard Neckel. The historian and Director of CALAS Olaf Kaltmeier extended this approach to include political-cultural dimensions and applied it to Latin America.

    In doing so, he combines the extreme social polarization of the social structure with the unequal distribution of land in Latin America, spatial segregation in the form of gated communities and shopping centres (often accompanied by retro-colonial architecture), an extractivist economy with accumulation by dispossession, and a duplication of economic power through political power in the form of millionaires who, where the likes of Mauricio Macri or Sebastián Pineira, become presidents.

  5. Est1950 says:

    Refeudalization today is being dominated by BIG TECH. BIG CORPORATIONS. MIC infrastructure and BILLIONAIRES.

    The concept has been developing over the last century by scholars and philosophers from around the world and has basically devolved into a system whereby the ELITES rule the little people and the wealth gap continues to grow substantially around the world.

    Never more is it apparent than in the age of the COVID-19 where now the murmurings are starting that you will have to wear masks long after the pandemic is gone and BIDEN wants to send every American a mask.

    To be fair Biden did not start this movement. He is only NEXT in line to keep the Ruling class in power to lord it over the little man on this planet.

    Funny that those in South America and Central America are fleeing their countries to come to the USA and the USA is in a war for its soul to DO THE VERY THINGS THEY ARE DOING IN SOUTH AMERICA.

    That is why Trump gained massively among those Hispanics who have fled their countries to come here. This is a great opportunity for the GOP to swoop in and land a huge segment of these new arrivals that the left believes is an automatic (D) VOTE. It is not.

    However it will be if the CURRENT GOP led by McConnel and Cheney et. al. is given power. That they are even going along with an UNCONSTITUTIONAL IMPEACHMENT is mind bending and shows the extent to which even the GOP is in bed with Refeudalization.

  6. Professor Hale says:

    There is one thing we can count on. The rich (democrats) will have no trouble eating as much as they like. They can just make up something like “meat credits” to buy (from companies that they own) and that will make it OK that other people are starving.

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