Climate Cult Wants Farmers To Go Back To 1499 Or Something

There are certainly some practices of modern farming that need to change, like the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, but, the Cult of Climastrology wants to move the whole operation back to “simpler methods”

Farming needs to go back to old fashioned methods to help the environment, says PM’s father as he takes on new climate change role

Farming needs to go back to old-fashioned methods to help the environment, the Prime Minister’s father has said, as he takes on a new climate change role.

Stanley Johnson is today announcing that he is the new International Ambassador for the Conservative Environment Network (CEN).

The author has long been a campaigner on green issues, and is a passionate advocate of “rewilding”, recently visiting some reintroduced bears in Italy.

He is expected to lobby for wilder farming at the major climate change conference COP26, scheduled to take place in Glasgow this summer.

Mr Johnson, a passionate rewilder, told The Telegraph about his vision of farming, explaining: “It’s not rewilding as such but going back to methods of farming which are very much the way things were. Rain fed agriculture, grass fed agriculture, even not ploughing up. You may gain more in carbon terms from doing that than from planting a load of trees.

Yes, this is when crop yields were smaller, bugs were all over crops, and they sprayed manure on it. This is fine for your backyard garden, not so much when raising food for lots and lots of people. It may work well for the Amish and similar groups: good luck with food at your grocery story.

“There is an absolute need for a change in the farming system in Britain and as we come out of the EU that’s an amazing way to do that. I have just agreed to be the international ambassador for the Conservative Environmental Network. We are going to be focusing on the Climate Change Conference. It’s an honourary assignment of course I’m not going to ask to be paid at my age!”

This guy is the son of Boris Johnson, and, he’s entitled to his opinion. And welcome to do this on his own farm. But, the thing is, the Climate Cult always wants to force everyone else to comply with their beliefs, and want government to force people to comply.

Heck, it’s been said that modern farming is more environmentally conscience than old school farming. It’s certainly less manpower intensive. Will all these Warmists go work on farms? Oh, right, that’s what the want illegal immigrants to do.

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4 Responses to “Climate Cult Wants Farmers To Go Back To 1499 Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Ideas that are so good, you have to force everyone to do it.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    So Boris Johnson’s dad prefers simpler farming methods.

  3. El says:

    This guy is the son of Boris Johnson…..

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    from article title: Farming needs to go back to old fashioned methods to help the environment, says PM’s father as he takes on new climate change role

    Stanley Johnson is Boris Johnson’s father. TEACH made a simple mistake.

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