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Episcopals Super Excited To Force Other People To Be Part Of Climate Cult

Is it allowable for Protestant denominations to worship God and also be part of a cult? Episcopal delegates share, seek solutions at UN conference to solve climate change crisis The United Nations is six days into its annual climate change conference, and Episcopal delegates have been busy advocating for stronger public and private actions to […]

Climate Pope Worries Earth “Nearing Breaking Point” Or Something

Does Pope Francis realize he’s not supposed to put any God before God, nor worship craven idols or bow down to them. He spends way, way too much time yammering about the climate crisis scam and not enough on all things Bible. For the Christian religion haters (who also hate Judaism, but, won’t say nary […]

Bummer: Thinking About Thanksgiving, Most Religious People Aren’t Concerned With Hotcoldwetdry

And why should they be, when we see crazy cult stuff like this every time it snows? The cult is still going strong — William Teach2 ??????? #refuseresist (@WTeach2) November 20, 2022 Food for thought at Thanksgiving: Most religious people consider the Earth sacred and believe God gave us a duty to protect our […]

Pro-Lifers Should Worry More About Other Things Than Abortions Says *Checks Notes* Vatican

This is the same Vatican led by a Pope who seems more concerned with climate crisis (scam) than most other things, and seems to want to avoid pushing pro-life. First it was, in relationship to denying Nancy Pelosi communion (Newsweek) However, Pope Francis, who is head of the Catholic Church, has previously urged bishops to tread […]

French Clergy Join The Cult Of Climastrology

They now worship something other than The Word Of God and Jesus French bishops urge ‘integral ecology’ in response to climate change France’s Catholic bishops have stepped up calls for an “integral ecology” to protect the environment while also warning citizens not to “expect a savior or messiah” after the first round of presidential elections […]

Pastor: If You Don’t Believe In Anthropogenic Climate Change You’re The Devil

I’m slightly confused by this piece. Is Pastor Michael F. Chandler of Victory Valley Bible Church in California saying that ‘climate change’ is BS or something that the religious should fight? In fairness, that’s a sidebar to something he mentions Pastor column: What does the Bible say about climate change? In a previous article, we […]

2nd Class Citizens: Woman Who Refuses COVID Vaccine Denied Kidney Transplant

You might have seen some stories on social media about people being denied access to hospitals, and others about doctors saying they won’t treat people who haven’t gotten the Chinese coronavirus vaccine for serious problems. Even though they dealt with un-vaccinated people for a year without them having been vaccinated. This is one of the […]

Christian Leaders Join Climate Cult, Call For “Meaningful Sacrifices”

Still waiting for their proclamations denouncing abortion, government tyranny, politicians who fail to act in accordance with the Bible, etc World’s top 3 Christian leaders call for ‘meaningful sacrifices’ to combat climate change The leaders of the three largest Christian churches issued a joint statement Tuesday calling on the world to address the growing threat […]

Catholic Bishops Considering Denying Communion To Politicians Who Support Abortion

This has made Democrats who fail to follow the Bible, God’s Word, and Jesus Christ very upset After Debate On Biden’s Abortion Views, Bishops Vote to Rethink Communion Rules After a contentious debate, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has voted to move forward with a process that could call into question the eligibility of […]

Young Evangelists Are Super Concerned About Other People’s Carbon Footprints

When a cult attempts to infiltrate and change a religion For These Young Evangelical Activists, Facing the Climate Crisis Is an Act of Faith A few years back, William Morris came to realize just how he could be a light unto the world. Before this precise moment in time, his visions of a missionary life […]

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