Climate Pope Worries Earth “Nearing Breaking Point” Or Something

Does Pope Francis realize he’s not supposed to put any God before God, nor worship craven idols or bow down to them. He spends way, way too much time yammering about the climate crisis scam and not enough on all things Bible. For the Christian religion haters (who also hate Judaism, but, won’t say nary a bad word about Islam) they love this

Climate change: Pope Francis warns world ‘may be nearing breaking point’

Pope Francis has warned the world is “collapsing” due to climate change and may be “nearing breaking point”.

The pope criticised global decision-making bodies for being ineffective, as well as calling out climate deniers.

His strongly-worded intervention has been published in a major new update to his landmark 2015 paper on the environment..

He described some damage from climate change as “already irreversible”.

The Pope criticised those who “deny, conceal, gloss over or relativise the issue”, saying that it was no longer possible to deny the human origins of climate change.

Pope Francis has made climate change a key pillar of his papacy. His 2015 encyclical, the highest level teaching document a pope can issue, signalled a shift for the Catholic Church.

But, things like abortion are mostly ignored. He instructs priests to never deny absolution, including to those who are not penitent. He has turned confession into a charade. Basically ignoring church doctrine. Ignoring the Bible. He’s more involved with the climate cult that Jesus

Since then, the pope has made repeated calls for politicians to take concrete action to tackle climate change.

He also took aim at “irresponsible lifestyles”, particularly in the Western world.

He said that emissions per person in the US were about two times greater than those living in China, and about seven times greater than those in the poorest countries.

Same guy takes lots of fossil fueled travel. Also, doesn’t the Bible say something about “Thou shall not steal”? Which is what he’s advocating that government does, taking money from citizens to deal with the scam.

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6 Responses to “Climate Pope Worries Earth “Nearing Breaking Point” Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Mr Teach asks: Does Pope Francis realize he’s not supposed to put any God before God, nor worship craven idols or bow down to them(?).

    Mr Teach feels the Pope should mind his own fizzucking business, that is, Catholicism, things like abortion, the sin of masturbation, the sin of sex outside marriage by a male and a female, the sin of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

    Mr Teach accuses Pope Francis of not understanding Catholicism or worse, the sin of lying. Should a Pope (or any religious leader) be permitted to comment on anything not referenced in the Bible, Koran or Bhagavad Gita? Atomic weapons? Immigration? Poverty? Starvation? Is religion not part of everyday life?

    In 2022, 90% of atheists said global warming is real and mostly caused by human activities. Does Mr Teach think the Pope might be an atheist? In the same survey, 54% of Catholics believe global warming is real and caused by humans.

    Then Mr Teach exclaims: He (The Pope) has turned confession into a charade.

    Why? Because Pope Francis said confessants could receive absolution regardless of their intent to sin further.

    So a man who has sex outside of marriage, knowing he will again commit this sin, should not receive mercy?

    Said the Pope: “Forgiveness is a ‘right’ in the sense that God, in the Paschal Mystery of Christ, has given it in a total and irreversible way to every person willing to accept it, with a humble and repentant heart…

    Don’t ask further questions about how it happened or how many times, as if to evaluate whether to impart forgiveness. Please, you are not a torturer; you are a loving father! Would Jesus treat you this way? Listening is a form of love that makes the other person feel truly loved. Don’t be a judge. Forgive what you have understood. Period! It is true, sometimes it is a judgement, but it is also mercy.”

    • L'Roy White says:

      Right, every time I wanna know exactly what Christians think what the Bible says or what Jesus meant I wanna ask a child murderer a blasphemer and a homosexual supporter. Nothing can tell you more about the state of the Pope then having a a vowed communist like Elwood supporting him.

      The good news is by the exposure to elwood’s philosophy over the years I’ve come to know that everything he’s for I’m against. Everything he supports I disdain. Everything he admires revolts me. In fact every particle and atom in elwood’s makeup is revolting to a Christian. So don’t watch him sit there and try and tell another Christian information about Christ the church or anything else.

      By his own admission Elwood left the church or what his semblance of the church was years ago when he was a teenager. And the church obviously has left him. he has no love in his heart, only sin. He doesn’t wanna save souls he wants to bury them. Is basically what a human being becomes when he’s allowed himself to be completely taken by the devil.

      Don’t take advice on Christianity from people who side with sexual deviants and perverts, baby killers, communists and Nazis, racists and bigots, and people who support drug addicts gangs and rapists through our open borders. They are not the type of people that know the first little thing about what our Lord Jesus wants to teach us.

      Heaven knows I’m not perfect but I believe in Jesus I believe he is my savior I believe in the goodness of Jesus Christ I believe the exact opposite of all those things that I just listed that Elwood believes in and articulates. Elwood is. the contemporary Pharisee.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Well put.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mr White,


        Why have “Christians” given up on Christ? That’s the question.

        Anyway, I wasn’t offering advice, I was asking questions.

        Do you feel that Mr Teach knows more about Catholicism and forgiveness than does the Pope?

        Do you agree with Mr Teach that the Pope should discuss abortion but not global warming?

        I understand that these are painful questions that you’d prefer not to answer. I understand that your hate for others consumes you, but I forgive you.

        • James Lewis says:

          Dear Elwood:

          The Pope should stick to teaching the Bible. Man Made Global Warming claims is politics.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Commenter: The Pope should stick to teaching the Bible.

            Don’t tell me, tell Pope Francis!! But why should he only talk about things in the Bible?

            If Pope Francis is correct doesn’t he owe it to people to tell them?? After all global warming, if the scientists, Pope, corporations, major religions, every scientific organization and governments are correct, is a serious threat to humans.

            Should the Pope weigh in on nuclear war, capital punishment, poverty, immigration, abortion, assisted suicide?

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