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Could You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s an interesting concept. I read a lot of zombie books. A lot. There a bunch of authors I read now, and have read, that have done some great zombie stuff, be it the walking dead type or something similar. Jake Bible had a great series starting in the NC mountains, and has started doing […]

If All You See…

…are melting glaciers from Other People not taking the bus, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Don Surber, with a post on Harvard supporting terrorism. A cheeky doubleshot below the fold, check out Flag And Cross, with a post on Chicago residents mad about an illegal alien shelter.

Guy Surrounded By Lots Of People With High Capacity Assault Rifles Wonders Why You Peasants Need One

How many of the people directly protecting Joe Biden carry scary looking rifles? How many of those weapons have high capacity magazines? How many of them are automatic, something illegal for most law abiding American citizens? These are questions none in the Credentialed Media are asking when Joe makes observations, nor of any other high […]

There’s A Global Yout Revolution With Global Boiling Or Something

Strangely, not that many are reducing their own carbon footprints. They’re taking lots of unnecessary fossil fueled trips, using massive amounts of energy for their smartphones and streaming shows, vids, and movies, buying lots of fast fashion, having lots of food delivered via fossil fueled vehicles, and more. Is it really a revolution if they […]

NY Times Seems Surprised Lots Of Jew Hating Young Democrat Voters Are Upset With Biden

Again, this is nothing new: young liberals in college have long taken the side of the Palestinians and showed Israel/Jew hatred. That attitude has grown exponentionally over the years, especially with the growth of the Internet and on smartphones Democrats Splinter Over Israel as the Young, Diverse Left Rages at Biden The Democratic Party‚Äôs yearslong […]

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