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Bummer: Mayor Pete Chased Off Stage By Climate Cultists

I actually do not approve of this, it’s better to have a debate, especially if it’s a private citizen. However, Mayor Pete has supported these nutjobs, he’s part of their cult, so, it’s a real shame when that rabid dog turns around and bites ya where the sun don’t shine ‘Stop Petro Pete!’: Buttigieg Chased […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert because Other People have big carbon footprints, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on a surprising twist in the murder of Josh Kruger.

Biden Regime Pushing For Safe Passage Out Of Gaza For Civilians

These would be the same civilians who have backed and supported Hamas for decades. Oh, and the Americans taken hostage by State Dept designated terrorist group Hamas? Nothing. Just Americans who are in Israel US pressing for safe passage of civilians out of Gaza, including Americans As Israel gears up for a possible ground invasion […]

Massachusetts To Implement New Climate Scam Plans To Adapt

Because, obviously, humans were never able to adapt to a changing climate without the helpful hand of government As climate risks mount, state unveils new plan to adapt Massachusetts has long stood out as one of the few states without a state climatologist. The new Office of Climate Science, already staffed with three experts, marks a […]

Surprise: Democrats Support Palestinians Over Israelis

Too bad the poll didn’t ask questions like “do you think Israel should be eradicated” and “do you hate Jews”? Democrats support Palestinians over Israel, GOP overwhelmingly stands with US ally: 2023 poll More Democrats in the United States support Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank than Israel, the closest U.S. ally in […]

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