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Climate Cult Youts Taking Their Cultish Beliefs To Court Even More

What they’re not doing is giving up their own use of fossil fuels, meat, huge amounts of electricity through streaming, fast fashion, etc Young Climate Activists Say ‘We’ll See You in Court’ It doesn’t get more David versus Goliath than the latest case to be heard before the Grand Chamber at the European Court of […]

If All You See…

…are mountains losing their glaciers because Other People drive fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Greatness, with a post on Josh Hawley introducing legislation allowing border states to deport illegals.

Surprise: Uber-Gun Restrictive California Seeing More Violent Gun Crimes

If you make it harder for the law abiding to get guns to protect themselves, then it will be the criminals with the guns. Further, when the government is soft on crime, criminals will be happy campers A troubling trend in California: More violent crimes are being committed with guns even as restrictions tighten Though […]

Climate Pope Worries Earth “Nearing Breaking Point” Or Something

Does Pope Francis realize he’s not supposed to put any God before God, nor worship craven idols or bow down to them. He spends way, way too much time yammering about the climate crisis scam and not enough on all things Bible. For the Christian religion haters (who also hate Judaism, but, won’t say nary […]

CNN Notices That Democrat Immigration Policies Are Causing Democrats To Change Their Immigration Stance

Why? Because Democrats are suddenly having to deal with the fallout of their own policies, like New York City Moves to Suspend Right-to-Shelter Mandate Mayor Eric Adams is seeking to suspend New York City’s long-standing obligation to provide shelter to anyone who asks for it, as officials struggle to find housing for thousands of migrants […]

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