Climate Cult Youts Taking Their Cultish Beliefs To Court Even More

What they’re not doing is giving up their own use of fossil fuels, meat, huge amounts of electricity through streaming, fast fashion, etc

Young Climate Activists Say ‘We’ll See You in Court’

It doesn’t get more David versus Goliath than the latest case to be heard before the Grand Chamber at the European Court of Human Rights. Six youngsters from Portugal, represented by a small crowdfunded legal team, charged 32 countries and their 86-strong team of lawyers with climate crimes last week. It’s part of a wave of judicial mobilization seeking to ensure climate agreements aren’t just words on paper.

The claimants, aged between 11 and 24, accuse the nations – including all 27 European Union member states, along with the UK, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland and Russia — of failing to do enough to combat the climate crisis, and thus threatening their right to live a safe, happy and healthy life. Specifically, they argue that extreme heat and wildfire risks force them to stay inside, make sleep and exercise difficult and trigger mental distress.

A ruling from the courts is expected in the first half of 2024. And the decision isn’t just symbolic: The judges may resolve on a legally binding order for the accused countries to act faster on climate change.

Indeed, the Portuguese youth case is just one of three climate-related lawsuits that the ECHR has heard this year amid a rise in such litigation around the world. It’s a trend I’m cheering on in the hope that a few key cases could help advance action and accountability on slashing carbon emissions.

Sovereign nations are typically in the firing line: Outside of the US, 70% of climate-related cases are against governments. But strategic cases — those filed with the aim of influencing the broader debate — are increasingly being brought against the private sector, too. Even as we wait for definitive verdicts, the attention they’re attracting and the precedents they could set have the potential to influence corporate behavior and governance in a big way.

I wonder if the youts realize that if the win these suits, which are backed by and essentially created by cult groups using the kiddies as human shields, they will be forced to practice what they preach? All that fossil fueled travel to go take selfies and TikToks goes mostly away? That their cost of living skyrockets? That their travel will be limited by government and they’ll pay a whole lot more in taxes? The little morons were brainwashed by adults into working to take away their own freedom, money, and life choices.

I just wonder if Lara Williams at Bloomberg (it’s a reprint at the Washington Post), who’s cheering this cult lawfare on, realizes that it will f*ck with her life, and employment. If Bloomberg is forced to comply they’ll have no need for so many activists reporters on staff. They won’t be able to afford them.

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  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Move along, bro. You can’t be here.

    Why do the migrant hotels in NYC have an entire security team and what government agency do these people work for?

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