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Twelve NC Democrats Walk Out On Vote To Support Israel

Unsurprisingly, WRAL forgot to mention some relevant and important information NC lawmakers support Israel in bipartisan speeches, House resolution as fighting with Hamas intensifies North Carolina lawmakers passed a pro-Israel resolution in the state House and read a pro-Israel statement onto the Senate’s official record, as the country’s conflict with Hamas intensified Tuesday. (snip) The […]

Bummer: Climate Crisis (scam) Could Maybe Have Long Term Impacts On Mental Health

If you tell everyone it’s a world ending crisis, if you teach them that it is a world ending crisis, if the news and politicians are constantly bleating doom and gloom (while using vast amounts of fossil fuels themselves), what you end up is people who are constantly in a state of mental illness, be […]

If All You See…

…are trees losing their leaves later and later due to global boiling, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Refuge, with a post on a peculiar dynamic in the media’s war coverage.

‘No one feels safe’: Nazis in fear as Allied airstrikes in Germany kill at least 490 women and children

Can you imagine if ABC News had written that headline? How would that have gone over? I mean, heck, if it was “‘No one feels safe’: Russians in fear as Ukrainian airstrikes in Crimea kill at least 490 women and children”, how would that be taken? You just had to know that the Democrats, who […]

Doom: Global Boiling To Make Beer Taste Bad Or Something

This all could have been avoided if you simply gave up your fossil fueled lifestyle and your freedom Climate change could soon affect the taste of beer, new study says Beer lovers beware: Climate change could soon make the world’s most popular alcoholic drink much more bitter. Climate change could soon be altering the quality […]

Jake Tapper Shocked By The Jew And Israel Hatred From His Comrades On The Left

I’ve known about the hatred of Israel from the Left, especially on college campuses, since the late 90’s. It wasn’t till after 9/11 when it was really exposed, particularly with the explosion of the Internet, thanks to speed increases. Not only was it exposed but it grew, moving from being pro-Palestinian anti-Israel to straight up […]

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