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Climate Crisis (scam) Is Keeping Therapists Up At Night

Perhaps they should seek out a qualified mental health professional who hasn’t been captured by a doomsday cult? Climate Change Is Keeping Therapists Up at Night Andrew Bryant can still remember when he thought of climate change as primarily a problem of the future. When he heard or read about troubling impacts, he found himself […]

If All You See…

…are leaves falling from dying trees due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Greenie Watch, with a post on almost half of EV owners considering a switch back to gas.

Chicago Alderman Take Exactly Wrong Message After Visiting Texas Border

Apparently, right now, illegals are being told that Chicago is an awesome destination, hence why so many are being shipped to the sanctuary city. I’m sure illegals crossing in other areas are being told to go to Sanctuary City New York, others Boston, Denver, other progressive towns. San Diego has receive a whole ton of […]

St. Greta Decided To Involve Her Climate Cult Group In The Gaza War

Really, this is one of the first instances where the Cult of Climastrology has involved itself, at least from someone with clout Israeli official slams Greta Thunberg after she backs Palestinians in Gaza The Israeli military lashed out at Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg on Friday, after she sent a message supporting Palestinians and endorsed […]

Idiot Law Students Losing Positions Is Now Raaaaacist

While the article doesn’t really dive in making a case for raaaaacism, how else can we read a headline like this from the outlet Blavity, which is all about black folks and likes to play the race card? Black NYU Law Student Speaks Out After Job Offer Rescinded Following Pro-Palestine Letter One Black law student […]

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