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Your Fault: Sugar Shortage Due To Global Boiling Bad Weather

With Halloween coming up, things are all doomy World sugar shortage due to extreme weather threatening Halloween candy prices Extreme weather has dealt major blows to the sugar industry worldwide this year, which could cost you more cash to fill up the trick-or-treat bags. “This has been a very tough year for global sugar. If […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil fossil fueled car, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lid, with a post on skyrocketing TB in NYC among illegals.

NY Times Editorial Board Explicitly Takes Side Of Israel

Going back to the NY Times, as it’s impressive that the editorial board actually takes a stand for Israel, with very little equivocating, considering how many Democrats are pro-Palestinian, and so anti-Israel that it becomes anti-Jew. Witness the Jew and Israel hatred protests in the streets of NYC over the past few days The Attack […]

John Kirby Asked About Biden Admin Believe Global Boiling Being Only Existential Threat

I was waiting for someone to link the war to ‘climate change’, and was surprised that no one, other than a few randos on Twitter, was doing. No big articles, no “climate change has made war more likely” or something. Even from some of the outlying media outlets. So, this was actually a surprise from […]

NY Times Explains Just How Horrible Biden Is On The International Stage

I wonder if David Leonhardt and the editors considered that all this is happening under Biden’s watch? Even though they don’t want to blame him, though, you know they’d be all over Trump if he were president The Global Context of the Hamas-Israel War Russia has started the largest war in Europe since World War […]

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