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Woke Pope To Head To Dubai For This Year’s Climate Cult Conference

Nothing like taking a long, fossil fueled trip to a nation that is based on fossil fuels to complain about Other People using fossil fuels. Should the Pope be a part of a cult? Should he be worshiping false idols and gods? Pope says he will attend COP28 climate summit in Dubai, a first by […]

Surprise: Almost Half Think Hotcoldwetdry Is Someone Else’s Problem

Unfortunately, they didn’t put it as I do, Someone Else. I’m also surprised that the percent is so low 49% of Americans think climate change is mostly someone else’s problem Pew surveyed 8,842 adults in the US between September 25 and October 1, 2023, about their opinions on climate change. The survey asked Americans who […]

Bummer: War Started By Terrorist Hamas Could Be Inconvenient For Hotcoldwetdry Action

Perhaps the members of the Cult of Climastrology have finally been given the go ahead to link their doomsday cult to the war Hamas started? Let’s start here Don't take global manufacturing advice from a teenager. Duh!. — Energy Parks (@EnergyParks) October 23, 2023 She did yammer about battery powered fighter jets, and sustainable […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Is Keeping Therapists Up At Night

Perhaps they should seek out a qualified mental health professional who hasn’t been captured by a doomsday cult? Climate Change Is Keeping Therapists Up at Night Andrew Bryant can still remember when he thought of climate change as primarily a problem of the future. When he heard or read about troubling impacts, he found himself […]

Bummer: Mayor Pete Chased Off Stage By Climate Cultists

I actually do not approve of this, it’s better to have a debate, especially if it’s a private citizen. However, Mayor Pete has supported these nutjobs, he’s part of their cult, so, it’s a real shame when that rabid dog turns around and bites ya where the sun don’t shine ‘Stop Petro Pete!’: Buttigieg Chased […]

John Kirby Asked About Biden Admin Believe Global Boiling Being Only Existential Threat

I was waiting for someone to link the war to ‘climate change’, and was surprised that no one, other than a few randos on Twitter, was doing. No big articles, no “climate change has made war more likely” or something. Even from some of the outlying media outlets. So, this was actually a surprise from […]

Climate Cult Youts Taking Their Cultish Beliefs To Court Even More

What they’re not doing is giving up their own use of fossil fuels, meat, huge amounts of electricity through streaming, fast fashion, etc Young Climate Activists Say ‘We’ll See You in Court’ It doesn’t get more David versus Goliath than the latest case to be heard before the Grand Chamber at the European Court of […]

Climate Pope Worries Earth “Nearing Breaking Point” Or Something

Does Pope Francis realize he’s not supposed to put any God before God, nor worship craven idols or bow down to them. He spends way, way too much time yammering about the climate crisis scam and not enough on all things Bible. For the Christian religion haters (who also hate Judaism, but, won’t say nary […]

Good News: Attendees Of Global Citizen Festival Trash Central Park

How many times have we seen this type of stuff from extreme left/climate cultists/enviroweenies? NEW: 12-acres of Central Park's Great Lawn will be closed until at least April 2024 following damage from Global Citizen Festival on Sept. 23 – per Gale Brewer. "The combination of heavy rain, foot traffic, and machinery used for staging destroyed […]

NPR Plans To Spend A Week On Global Boiling Solutions

They’re going full cult, full activist Climate solutions are necessary. So we’re dedicating a week to highlight them Climate change is here. And this week, NPR is doing something new. We’re dedicating an entire week to focus on the search for climate solutions, with stories across our network. Why we’re focusing on climate solutions We’ve […]

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