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Climate Wackos Glue Themselves To Munich Airport Taxiway

They totally wimped out in not gluing themselves to a runway Climate Crazies Glue Themselves to Munich Airport Runway German authorities closed down Munich airport temporarily on Saturday after six climate activists broke through a security fence and glued themselves to access routes leading to runways, officials and local media reported. The activists from the […]

Sea Levels Will SOON! Be At Doom Level In South Florida Or Something

I’m dying to see how much the seas will rise per the Miami Herald. Weirdly, no one there is saying they will leave Florida Sea levels are starting to rise faster. Here’s how much South Florida is expecting Sea levels are rising, swamping roads and homes in South Florida. And it’s picked up the pace […]

Climate (cult) Grief Is Linked To Greed And Power Or Something

And every time some Warmist says “this is 100% about the science (insert Dean scream here)” I run across something like this Complex grief of climate change Sara Gurulé shares her grief of climate change and how the systems of greed and power have affected the places she calls “home.” You really could just stop […]

Hotcold Take: Astronomers Train Their Sights On ‘Climate Change’

Isn’t their job to kinda look out from the Earth? I mean, I guess if we’re saying “Astronomers study planets, stars, and other celestial bodies”, the Earth is a planet, but, Mirriam Webster states “the study of objects and matter outside the earth’s atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties.” That would preclude the […]

Washington Post Wants You To Use Cold Water To Save The Planet

The interesting part is that “reporter” Allyson Chiu fails to mention whether she’s fully switched from not using hot water, nor is it mentioned whether the WP has turned off hot water at their office Why you should embrace using cold water, almost all the time You may not be giving a second thought to […]

UN Warns World On Edge Of Climate Abyss Or Something

Is there some big climate conference coming up? Usually the UN doesn’t make these dire prognostications of ruination unless there is a conference coming up. Or, it could be due to many polls showing that people are caring less about Doing Something because inflation is rocking the 1st world and the cost of food and […]

Wackjob Climate Cultists Break Glass Around Magna Carta, Glue Themselves

They admit it. This will be prosecution evidence A. No need for anything else ???? BREAKING: JUST STOP OIL BREAK MAGNA CARTA GLASS ???? Reverend Dr Sue Parfitt, 82, and Judy Bruce, 85, then glued their hands together, demanding an emergency plan to just stop oil by 2030. ?? Donate to help us take action […]

Bummer: Very Few Top Movies Mention Climate Doom

Well, why should they? What if they have nothing to do with global boiling? Are they supposed to just interject the cult for the heck of it? Just randomly have a character make a Speech? Only 32 of the Top Movies in the Last Decade Say Climate Change Exists — Study Last month, non-profit group […]

NY Times Excited To Give “Conservative” Warmists Platform

We are seeing more of this, Gen Z Republicans who are thrilled to Do Something about ‘climate change’, but, failing to explain why the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind I’m a Young Conservative, and I Want My Party to Lead the Fight Against Climate Change Conservatives were once America’s environmental champions. Not […]

South Korean Youts Suit On Climate Doom Goes To High Court

Considering that South Korea is utterly dependent on fossil fuels to import and export a huge chunk of their goods, because the nation might as well be an island with North Korea to the north, how would this work if the kiddies win their (astroturfed) lawsuit? South Korean court hears children’s climate change case against […]

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