Rep. Pete King (R-NY) Floats Really, Really, Really Bad “Compromise” Immigration Idea

This is how we end up with all these illegal immigration problems: instead of cracking down, squishy Republicans like Pete King, along with Democrat Tom Suozzi (NY), offer a plan that will entice more to come illegally

A Grand Compromise on Immigration


For more than 30 years, our government has failed to solve these problems. This year, the American people endured the longest government shutdown in American history when lawmakers and the president failed to reach a spending deal that centered around border security and immigration along the United States and Mexican border.

The national emergency regarding immigration reform, however, is not on the border, but in the nation’s capital. We must work together — across party lines — to address these matters in a way that receives bipartisan, bicameral support, and gives the president legislation he feels he can sign.

He’s right on that. Lawmakers have failed to enact the policies that would reduce the flow of illegals to a trickle. You can’t stop it all, but, you could massively reduce it if you had a zero tolerance policy (immediate deportation if caught), massive civil and criminal penalties on those who hire illegals, no driver’s licenses for illegals, no aid for them, no college, no schooling, make it illegal to rent apartments, and more.

It is our duty, as elected officials, to provide solutions to the problems, not sound bites to the press. That is why we are proposing a realistic set of reforms that would offer legal protection for five million undocumented people and, alongside it, enough funding to make our border secure.

Did they just say 5 million?

First, our plan would create a path to citizenship for approximately 1.9 million immigrants brought by their parents, without documentation, when they were 18 or under, the so-called Dreamers. To be eligible, they must have graduated from high school; have no record of criminal activity; and be either in the military, working full time for at least three years or attending college.

So, taking jobs from Americans or attending college subsidized by American citizens. Further, what is considered a crime? What’s the minimum threshold? Here’w where it gets bad. First, they would extend protection for 400,000 under Temporary Protected Status, but do not say for how long. And

Finally, relatives of Dreamers, of T.P.S. recipients and of others who are undocumented — approximately 2.7 million more people — would be eligible for three years of protective status, renewable indefinitely, if they have been in the United States for a significant number of years and have no record of criminal activity.

No. Just no. We’ve heard time and time again that we shouldn’t punish the kids for the sins of the parents. Well, sin means “broke our laws”, and as such, they should not be allowed to profit from their sin. Essentially, this TPS status would allow them to stay in the country permanently. And then Democrats will demand citizenship for them in a few years.

All this does is entice others to bring their kids with them and demand amnesty.

Next, to qualify for protection, an undocumented person would be required to pay a $2,000 fee. If each of the five million paid that amount, our plan would generate $10 billion.

Some of that money, in turn, would be used to cover the administrative costs of this new program; we figure those costs would be $1.4 billion.

The remaining $8.6 billion would be split evenly: $4.3 billion would pay for additional physical structures along the United States-Mexico border, as proposed by the Department of Homeland Security, and $4.3 billion would go to aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to help prevent further out-migration from those countries, as well as to radar technology, improved ports of entry, immigration judges, border patrol personnel and humanitarian assistance along the border, as recommended by the Department Homeland Security.

So the price of coming illegally and being given a free pass is $2,000. Nor should we have to run this type of scheme to get the funds to protect the borders nor have the proper number of immigration judges.

As legislators, we know what we have to do: We must stand together and pass legislation that will help secure our borders while giving undocumented immigrants a path to permanent residency without the fear that at any moment they may be deported.

Again, this just entices people to keep coming illegally.

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4 Responses to “Rep. Pete King (R-NY) Floats Really, Really, Really Bad “Compromise” Immigration Idea”

  1. Kye says:

    To keep Bill abreast with the goings on of his favorite immigrants to America I will now post last weeks Terrorist report from March 16 thru March 22:

    Mohammedan attacks: 35
    Killed by Mohammedans: 165
    Injured by Mohammedans: 104
    Suicide blasts by Mohammedans: 1
    Countries attacked by Mohammedans: 16

    Meanwhile the White Christians remain at ZERO. Let’s bring in more Mohammedans to America!

    Oh, and on this day March 25, 1971 in Dhaka, Bangladesh Mohammedan troops from Pakistan launched a “cleansing” operation against Hindus murdering at least 7,000 of them. Just think what religion of peace can do to Jooos in New York or Christians in Kentucky or all you atheists who would go first as you are blasphemers of Allah.

    • First, they don’t like the word “white” and secondly they certainly don’t like the word “Christian” because we can’t be managed by the guv…so they have to rid the world of us….

    • Bill Bear says:

      “Meanwhile the White Christians remain at ZERO.”

      Interesting. Can Kye actually be making the remarkable claim that no White Christian (there’s Kye’s racism peeking out again) has ever committed an act of terrorism, in all of recorded history?

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    While over 1 million illegal aliens with deportation orders are still in our country 2 more Americans lose their lives last week to said illegal aliens.

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