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Democrats Doing All They Can To Own Being Anti-Semites

Again, criticism of Israel doesn’t make someone a Jew hater. But, when that’s all you have, when you can’t even condemn radical Islam, and cannot denounce Jew hatred, what you’re left with is hatred of Jews. When you have to defend the indefensible, well, here we go Dem Whip: Omar’s Experience More Powerful Than Holocaust […]

If All You See…

…is wonderful rail line which should replace all roads, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Watcher Of Weasels, with a post on #Jexodus (Jews leaving the anti-Semitic Democratic Party).

Democrats With Anti-Semitism Problem To Condemn “All Hate” As Deflection

I wonder if it will include all the hate towards Christianity, as well as the constant assaults by Democrat voters on Republicans? Report: Democrats to Condemn ‘All Hate,’ Not Anti-Semitism Specifically, in Resolution According to a report, House Democrats will not condemn anti-Semitism specifically following the controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), but will instead […]

Bummer: Democrats Vote Against Provision In Green New Deal

It’s strange that so many Democrats who say they support the Green New Deal do not actually want to vote in support of the GND. It’s almost like the GND was just meant to say “look, we’re doing something” by releasing it but knowing that it would be a complete disaster DEMOCRATS, INCLUDING OCASIO-CORTEZ, VOTE […]

New York Looks To Pass Another Gun Control Law, Requiring Firearms To Be Locked Up If Someone Under 16 Is Present

Once again, it’s all about making things more difficult for law abiding citizens to use a firearm for defense, under the guise of “protecting the kids” Even stricter gun control could be coming to New York New York gun owners could soon be required to lock up their guns whenever someone younger than 16 is home. A bill passed […]

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