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Feds Reveal Massive Operation That Saw Illegals Getting Fake Documents

Remember, illegal immigration is not supposed to cause problems for U.S. citizens, and they aren’t really engaged in crime Feds: Forgery operation produced over 10,000 fake documents Located in an apartment in a primarily Hispanic town in Oregon, a clandestine lab churned out thousands of fake Social Security cards, drivers’ licenses and immigration documents that […]

If All You See…

…is an awesome country spanning train system which would require people be banned from using cars, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on why Cohen turned on Trump.

It’s Time For A ‘Climate Change’ Lent Or Something

Yet another day in which the Cult of Climastrology attempts to hijack something, in this case a religious holiday, interjecting their cultish beliefs on other people It’s time for a Green Lent Imagine a second global flood, occurring tomorrow. A modern Noah, having spent weeks aimlessly drifting across the world’s oceans, releases a dove in […]

38% Of Millennials Worried About Having Kids In The Era Of Hotcoldwetdry

People have always had kids during times of climate change, because the climate has always been doing something. Throughout the Holocene there have been warm and cool periods, and still humanity persisted in having children. But, now, you have youths of breeding age having a collective freakout over (well, everything) a tiny increase in the […]

NY Times: There’s No National Emergency At Border, It’s Just At A “Breaking Point”

The NY Times, like most in the Credentialed Media, has a had a freakout over Trump declaring a national emergency at the border that continues on and on, in which they state there is no national emergency. Like in this piece by the Editorial Board (featuring confirmed racist Sarah Jeong), in which they attempt to […]

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