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Bummer: Texas Abortion Case At SCOTUS Could Give States More Power

This has seemed to make Time Magazine’s Abigail Abrams rather upset The Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion Case Could Give States More Power Than Ever That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Any powers not expressly assigned to the federal government are reserved for the States and the People. The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday declined […]

Surrender Joe Tells Texas And Florida He’ll Override Their Anti-Mandate Laws

Brandon is working hard to implement his #Unity agenda. We’re all in this together with rising inflation, a shortage of goods, rising gas and energy prices, incensed by Americans stuck in Afghanistan, and more. So, what does he do? His administration picks a fight with Texas and Florida White House Taunts Texas and Florida for […]

CNN: It’s Just So Terrible That Republican States Aren’t Following Sleepy Joe’s Agenda

It is terrible, because Democratic Party run states totally listened to Donald Trump and followed his agenda, right? America’s partisan fireworks will be hard for anyone to put out While July Fourth is the holiday that most directly celebrates Americans’ common heritage, this year it comes as their extreme divides underscore how difficult it has become for […]

MSNBC Seems Pretty Upset That Joe Manchin Is Putting His State First

Prior to the 17th Amendment, which made senators directly elected instead of appointed by a state general assembly, senators did the business of the state as directed by the state general assembly. They weren’t there to represent their party, they weren’t there to represent, necessarily, the nation. They did the business of their state. That […]

CDC Issues Order Requiring Face Masks For Travel Or Something

First of all, where does the CDC get the stutory authority to make this proclamation, which seems more a function of the Legislative Branch? Second, this pretty much being done in the 31 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico already. Will the other states declare their 10th Amendment Rights, at least at it applies to non-federal […]

Say, Could A Shift To State’s Rights Benefit The Left?

Well, in practical terms, no, because the Democratic Party is about power, and wanting full federal control over everything, but, it is cute how Leftist are suddenly thrilled by the notion of actually following the 10th Amendment AS SCOTUS VEERS FURTHER RIGHT, COULD A STATES’ RIGHTS SHIFT BENEFIT THE LEFT? While the expected confirmation of […]

Portland Leftist Suddenly Discover 10th Amendment As They Sue Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

This really is hilarious. I was laughing and smiling reading it late yesterday, and I’m still chuckling now. Suddenly, the 10th Amendment is important to these Progressives (nice Fascists), when they usually blow it off. Also, they’re attempting to cite it so that violent “protesters” can continue being violent New lawsuit filed accuses federal law […]

Discovering Federalism: Washington Post Thinks States Can Band Together Despite Trump

It’s really great how so many Leftists are discovering federalism and the 10th Amendment. Of course, this is what Trump wants. He’s said time and time again that he wants the states and municipalities to be the leaders in all this, because they are closer to the actual citizens. They know them better. They know […]

The Bulwark #NeverTrumper Discovers Federalism

We’ve seen this time and time again: the people who’ve called Trump a dictator, a Fascist, “literally Hitler” are now upset that Trump is not Declaring Things. Here’s The Bulwark’s resident unhinged Lefty, because a conserving conservative site needs that, right? (via Twitchy) So the states are filling the vacuum that the president left? […]

California Will Fight Federal Marijuana Crackdown Or Something

Suddenly, Democrats don’t like The Federal Government running things (ABC10)  California’s Democratic attorney general says his office will vigorously enforce the state’s new recreational marijuana law despite the threat of a federal crackdown. Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Thursday criticized U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to end a policy directing federal authorities to take […]

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