Hot-Take: The US Becomes Unstable By Letting The States Have Their Constitutional Rights

From the fevered mind of Real Conservative (sic) David French and other loony tunes who either have zero idea how this whole American setup works, or intentionally blow it off (why? Dominant centralized government)

The actual piece isn’t long, it’s more about a 47 minute podcast (no thanks!)

LEAKED DRAFT opinion suggests that the Supreme Court is preparing to overturn Roe v Wade. But the verdict will not end fights over abortion in America. Both pro-choice and anti-abortion movements are furiously preparing for what comes next. What will the post-Roe era look like? And if the justices do overturn a 50-year-old precedent and hand decisions on abortion back to the states, what might the Supreme Court do next?

The Economist’s Steven Mazie explains what the leak reveals about the inner workings of America’s highest court. Our correspondent Stevie Hertz visits Illinois and Missouri to find out what the end of Roe will mean in practice. She speaks to Dr Colleen McNicholas, regional chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood, Michele Landeau, head of the Missouri Abortion Fund and anti-abortion lawyer and state representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman. And David French, a conservative Christian writer and author of “Divided We Fall”, considers whether the reasoning that could overturn Roe might be applied to other constitutional liberties in America. John Prideaux hosts with Mian Ridge and Jon Fasman. Runtime: 47 min

The Constitution, with the Bill Of Rights, establishes the powers and duties of the federal government. And limits. The Bill Of Rights establishes the Rights of the Citizens, and the boundaries of the federal government, and specifically leaves everything else to the States and The Citizens. Again, there are several reasons to this. One is that the Framers did not want an all powerful central government. Which leads to the second, in that most of the 13 colonies were the size, at least by area, of the Old World European nations. Or bigger. Each one had it’s own wants and needs. The original Articles Of Confederation had a pretty weak federal government, and they needed something a wee bit stronger to band the colonies together as a new nation. One monetary system. An army and navy run by Los Federales. Things along those lines. Anything beyond, well, the states and the people would deal with it.

Abortion is not a fundamental liberty. If anything, the feds are taking too much liberty and eroding it, with states trying to pull it back. The idea was that if you don’t like the way a state is acting, you could move to another state, rather than leave the country. We really shouldn’t be talking and writing and such about the actions of the federal government, but, instead, what our state and local governments are doing.

BTW, overturning one of the worst Supreme Court rulings of all time will not lead to ending anything else. That’s just a scaremongering talking point.

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5 Responses to “Hot-Take: The US Becomes Unstable By Letting The States Have Their Constitutional Rights”

  1. Ruger P. Dowd says:

    Perhaps having the star of The Apprentice TV Show select three Supreme Court justices wasn’t such a good idea.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      Greatest day in American History was when DJT was elected to DESTROY ELWOOD P. DOWD’s LIFE.

      I mean he was so evil that he cut taxes on the RICH MR> DOWD who then used that money to BUY TWO GUN SAFES and RUGERS and WINCHESTERS and .38 SPECIALS and Joinned the Catholic Church and began shouting Hallelujah.

      The Apprentice TV show was the number one show in the USA for like a decade, watched by lefties all across the fruited plain until Trump decided to run as a GOP. Then he was canceled, the left turned against him and called him vile names.

      Their idol had betrayed them. NO the greatest accomplishment of the Trump Era was the appointment of 3 CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS JUDGES and the great awakening of the Right against the lunacy unfolding under their noses and the exposure of the RINO RIGHT who were more interested in MONEY and POWER THAN IN HELPING THE LITTLE GUY.

      The exposure of CRT in our schools and the exposure of GEORGE SOROS funding DA and AG’s all across the fruited plain using the law to bypass the cops and the states ability to fight crime.

      The exposure of CHINA’s grip on the throat of America and the infiltration of our colleges and corporations by China to steal secrets at a breath taking pace and the fact that for 20 years every president and every congress DID NOTHING.

      No….I disagree….The greatest thing to happen to this country was the election of DJT and his band of merry men and even his own family had Democrats(Kushner and Ivanka) working in the White House and doing good things. Remember Kushner gave us the middle east Abraham Accords…take solice in the fact a Democrat did that…Not a progressive a Democrat. Take solice in the Fact Ivanka tried for day care which was a noble goal but given the US government would take that over and teach CRT to 3 years olds………..UH NOT only NO but hell NO!

      DJT is the bane of the lefts existence. He is the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse bringing death and destruction(fIGURATIVELY) to the left and their agenda of cultural revolution in America.


      Now we got a weasel in the White House who is more interested in his next box of Depends than he is in the little guy being eaten alive with inflation, crime and covid.


  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Vladimir tRumPutin says Finland joining NATO is a threat to Russia!!

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      This is the problem with lefties. They do not understand strategy. Cloward and Piven do not work against a madman with Nuclear Weapons.

      Yes. Ukraine is fighting very hard and they are actually pushing Russia Back and perhaps since Russia started it they might even eject Russia from Ukraine.

      Then what? Reports are surfacing that Ukraine is attacking inside of Russian territory. At what point does PUTIN feel threatened? At what point does he drop a tactical nuke or two?

      What’s the response Elwood? Give Ukraine a couple hundred tactical Nukes?

      No, let’s cancel Putin and Russia and Saul Alinsky his ass. You lefties have no idea what your fuking with. Russia is not Afghanistan and Iran(Both of which I vehemently opposed from day one).

      Russia is a nuclear-armed nation and its allies are nuclear-armed. Pakistan, China and Now they are bringing INDIA…also nuclear-armed….into the fold as Biden threatens sanctions against a country that has to live in Russia’s backyard surrounded by PAKISTAN AND CHINA.

      Fuking Biden and the left are raging idiots in every sense of the word and the left just keeps piling on, pushing for armageddon so in their basements they can blame the fallout slowly killing them on Trump TOO!!!

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Brandon says it’s not his fault.
    Blames everyone else.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

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