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“Confessions Of A Social Justice Meme Maker”

This is an incredible piece This is my very first article ever published! It’s the story of how I went from a woke social justice warrior to a politically homeless moderate with a newfound tolerance and appreciation for viewpoint diversity. I hope you enjoy it!https://t.co/82BxtC90BH — Christina Buttons (@buttonslives) May 17, 2022 It has so […]

Bummer: Climate Crisis (scam) Missing From Australian Elections

The last time ‘climate change’ factored heavily into Australian elections was 2012, when the ruling party in Queensland was annihilated by the voters for actually putting ‘climate change’ policies into action. The Labor party was beaten so badly they didn’t have enough seats to be a recognized party. Doing Something is popular in theory, not […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible pool built with evil carbon polluting concrete, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gen Z Conservative, with a post on Team Brandon admitting it lied about vaccines.

NY Times Editorial Board Decides To Blame Most Republicans For Buffalo Shooting

Weirdly, the NY Times itself barely mentions the shooting in Laguna Woods, California, where a Chinese man intentionally attempted to kill lots of Taiwanese. It’s all back page news to the Times. They do know that the Buffalo shooting is all your fault The Buffalo Shooting Was Not a Random Act of Violence Republican politicians, […]

Secretary Pete Has A Plan To Force You Out Of Your Fossil Fueled Vehicle

So, we’ve jumped past moving you into an electric vehicle and to you having no personal vehicle If you didn't think the goal of Democrats is to get you out of your car, here they are making it very clear. High gas prices, slow down cars, create bike paths and wider sidewalks to "Nudge Commuters […]

Good News: Biden Redeploys US Military To Somalia

There may be a real reason for this, but, if the Islamists are getting frisky in Somalia, that’s because Brandon is weak, and the disastrous Afghanistan pullout gave them ideas, along with the response to Ukraine Biden reverses Trump’s order, redeploying Special Forces to Somalia President Biden has approved a Pentagon request to deploy hundreds […]

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