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Law Enforcement Readies For Violence Over Roe v. Wade Decision

Of course, law enforcement leaders do not want to focus on the political identities of those who could cause violence. Don’t want to expose that the violence will originate from the abortion supporters, nor did Politico consider highlighting that it will be leftists starting the violence, as has already happened in Los Angeles Law enforcement […]

Who’s Up For An “Office Of Environmental Justice” In The DOJ?

This would be the time I usually write “so, when’s AG Garland going to give up his own fossil fueled travel and make his life carbon neutral? How about the operations of the DOJ?” But, this is actually rather dangerous, as they are weaponizing the climate cult via the Department Of Justice NEW: Attorney General […]

Capybaras Invading Gated Communities Is A Lesson In The Climate Crisis (scam) Era

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Mankind invading the ranges of other animals, and the animals becoming not particularly concerned with invading back, right? Nope, it’s all because you drive a fossil fueled vehicle Giant Rodents ‘Invaded’ a Wealthy Gated Community. What Happened Next is a Lesson for Cities in the Climate Change […]

Baby Killing Democrats Schedule Vote On Making Abortion Legal

They have no one to blame but themselves. They’ve gone from “safe, rare, and legal” to unhinged, wanting zero restrictions up to and right after birth, celebrating their abortions (including those who’ve had lots of them), holding them up as triumphs (Breitbart) No sane person, no decent person, not even someone who is pro-abortion, sees […]

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