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Say, Why Does The Climate Crisis (scam) Matter So Much To Latinos?

I wasn’t really aware that it did, not from polling. Though, there aren’t really many new polls that determine what matters to Latinos. Heck, The Atlantic says there really isn’t a Latino voting block.  And Latinos have soured on Lets Go Brandon’s agenda, which includes ‘climate change’ idiocy Why climate change matters to Latinos Even […]

Democrats Are Contemplating How Hard They Should Go In North Carolina Senate Race

Do Democrats put up tons of money or not? Democrats confront North Carolina blues Senate Democrats are contemplating just how hard to go after their White Whale: A Senate seat in North Carolina. The last time Democrats notched a Senate victory in the Tar Heel State was 2008, when former Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) easily […]

How Well Will California’s Grid Hold Up With All The New EVs?

Well, on one hand, there won’t be as many as the powers that be think, because people won’t be able to afford them. Also, now we’re finding that they will only be able to charge at certain times California’s electrical grid has an EV problem California energy officials issued a sobering warning this month, telling residents to […]

Pelosi Might Maybe Push Bill To Accelerate Production Of Supplies And Goods By July 4th

We’ve only know about these problems since things started opening back up late in 2020. What’s the rush now, Nancy? Pelosi says Congress could pass ‘transformational’ Competes Act before July 4 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Thursday that Congress could pass the “transformational” Competes Act before July 4, saying they hope to celebrate […]

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