Say, Why Does The Climate Crisis (scam) Matter So Much To Latinos?

I wasn’t really aware that it did, not from polling. Though, there aren’t really many new polls that determine what matters to Latinos. Heck, The Atlantic says there really isn’t a Latino voting block.  And Latinos have soured on Lets Go Brandon’s agenda, which includes ‘climate change’ idiocy

Why climate change matters to Latinos

Even after 24 years, Onys Sierra’s voice still breaks when she recalls the night Hurricane Mitch began devastating her home country of Honduras. “I remember thinking, ‘I have to sleep next to my daughter, because if we die, we will be together,’” she said.*

Once the storm finally cleared, homes, workplaces and lives had been destroyed. “Erased from the map,” Sierra said of her country. “Whole families dead, bodies of people floating, children.”

Mitch had nothing to do with anthropogenic climate change.

In the aftermath of the storm, Sierra and many others made the difficult decision to immigrate to the United States.

“There was no work. My place of work no longer existed — it existed, the place, but it was no longer functioning. It was full of mud and trees,” Sierra said. “It was difficult because I had to leave my daughter. That is leaving one’s life — to leave one’s child, that’s leaving one’s life.”

Galveston was annihilated back in 1900, when CO2 was well below the “safe threshold” of 350ppm

Sierra’s story is just one of many diverse, complex stories of Latinos living in the United States amid climate change. And though climate change affects everyone, it doesn’t affect everyone equally. From North Carolina to New Jersey to California to Puerto Rico, both the causes and effects of climate change disproportionately threaten Latinos all over the United States.

And it’s so wonderful that the uber white Samantha Harrington of Yale can white night for Latinos

A major cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels — coal, oil, and natural gas — that release heat-trapping gases. Burning fossil fuels also produces other pollutants that harm communities in the United States. Fine particulate matter, known as PM 2.5, gets into people’s lungs and causes short term health concerns, like coughing, shortness of breath, and irritation in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Long-term exposure may cause increased rates of chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function, and increased risk of death from lung cancer and heart disease.

The Ironbound neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, is home to many immigrants from Latin America. Maria Lopez-Nuñez, the deputy director of organizing and advocacy for the Ironbound Community Corporation, described the neighborhood as “four square miles surrounded by industry.”

How many are illegally present in the U.S.? That they live in those neighborhoods is entirely their own fault.

Latinos in the United States believe in, worry about, and are willing to act on climate change at a much higher rate than the general U.S. public.** Méndez says this difference is likely a result of many Latinos’ lived experience with climate change.

And Latino leaders are demanding climate solutions from the workplace to statehouses and beyond. Méndez said that migrant rights groups in California were forced to engage with climate change as workers began to experience more wildfires and extreme heat.

They do not have to voluntarily come to the U.S., legally or illegally, you know. Don’t like it here? Bye. Regardless, it is super fantastic that Elite whites are trying to tell Latinos that they Should Care about ‘climate change’, eh?

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7 Responses to “Say, Why Does The Climate Crisis (scam) Matter So Much To Latinos?”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Typical Democratic party propaganda:
    Step 1: Find a sympathetic victim
    Step 2: If you can’t find step 1, make something up.

    Face it. Life sucks for most of the 3 BILLION people on planet Earth. There isn’t room for all of them here no matter how sympathetic their story is. when the third world immigrates to the USA, they bring third world with them. Soon, we become as bad as what they left. I’m sure that for a leach, sucking the blood of a host is perfectly rational and sympathetic. For the host, not so much.

    • Ultra MAGA formally known as L.G.Brandon says:

      I swear between the deprivations, the “mandates”, the new laws passed by agencies without any actual legal authority or oversight, the censorship, the doxxing, the mis/dis information or claims thereof, the stolen of past and future elections, the men can be women crap, men can menstruate, women should be able to kill their babies even past birth, the junta created shortages of medicine, energy, gas, formula, the junta stopping free speech, the crazies put in political power spots because they’re black/women/queer/lezzies, the abomination of floods of illegals and their crime/dependency/illiteracy and unwillingness to assimilate, the attacks on everyone who won’t tow the junta narrative as white supremacists/racists by people who are genuine black supremacists/anti white racists and Christ haters, the constant lying and getting away with it and all the rest of the corruption now happening because of the illegal junta makes me feel like I’m living in Orwell’s 1984.

      I watched young women on the internet today state they believe men can actually become women, menstruate and have babies. They also believe Covid killed millions of Americans and the climate is in “crisis”. These kids have been mentally hobbled by leftist propaganda all their lives. They have no ability to reason or think on their own.

      IOW, they are millions of Dowds.


      • Doom and Gloom says:

        One only needs to remember that the United States locked people on boats for weeks ravaged with Covid-19 instead of bringing them onshore for proper medical attention.

        This happened under Trump’s watch. It happened in other countries as well when the pandemic first broke.

        This was a decision made by the health experts for one reason and one reason only.

        They wanted to find out all they could about how infectious covid was….so these countries were perfectly willing to kill thousands of people to potentially save millions.

        That tells you all you need to know about UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS. They are way overpowered, are narcissists, and will do pretty much anything to maintain their cartel. They are no different inside of governments than those real cartels that just blow your brains out for crossing them.

  2. david7134 says:

    I you desire to stop the invasion of our country, arrange to purchase a large number of MAGA hats, go to the border and disperse them. I have yet to see a large number of men with hats so they would likely appreciate the gesture and will wear them. The Dems/ liberals/ communist will lose it.

  3. James Lewis says:

    Why hasn’t this got any play in the press? Could it be that the press lies and lies?

    “NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has a new study that shows less air pollution is helping to create busier hurricane seasons. NOAA hurricane scientist Hiroyuki Murakami used complex climate models to simulate the atmosphere. He found a link between air pollution particles and the formation of tropical cyclones or storms. They found that an increase in air pollution reduced the number of storms and that making the air cleaner caused more storms. Here’s why that happens.”,models%20to%20simulate%20the%20atmosphere.

  4. st says:

    I Ask Dinesh Your Questions About “2000 Mules” ft. Dinesh D’Souza | The Liz Wheeler Show – Video

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      The real reason why he did not reveal specific names is that even with evidence. Such as we watched in horror as Fulton county, GA, Shut down for the night and then pull ballots from under a table and ran them for 5 straight hours over and over again.


      Since no one will back up anyone who shows this clip. Since the left and the RIGHT will not stand up and demand answers. Since everyone is afraid of being sued into oblivion for even claiming their was voter fraud then the truth will never be known.

      This is evident in the Durham investigation right now that tepidly put a Clinton Lawyer on TRIAL IN WASHINGTON DC filled with a jury of CLINTON DEMOCRATS.

      Why? IF he is found innocent of crimes, and he will be in a leftist packed jury in the most partisan courthouse in the nation) then this gives BIDEN LICENSE TO SHUT DOWN DURHAMS investigation which includes HUNTER BIDEN.

      This is why Dinesh failed to specifically go after names because 1000’s of bits of information was attained on voter fraud and the criminal turned out to be anyone who questioned voter fraud.

      That is akin to questioning if the Cartel is actually selling drugs in America. If you question that fact you find yourself dead in a ditch somewhere.

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